Liu Xiaoqing can’t be regarded as tender, the waves are curly hair with grandma skirt, the skin is slack

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Stars still attach great importance to their appearance and appearance. It is precisely because they pay too much attention, sometimes they cannot directly look at aging. Such is Liu Xiaoqing’s existence. When he was young, he was so beautiful, and what he was most proud of was his appearance. When she first said that she was old, Liu Xiaoqing was very unwilling, even when she was 40 years old, she still played an 18-year-old princess.

that is In the past few years, Liu Xiaoqing slowly realized that he was old and no longer pretending to be young. 65-year-old Liu Xiaoqing appeared at the event some time ago. A lace embroidered grandmother dress with Shanghai wave curly hair style, although the skin is loose, but the whole person looks much better than when he is tender. At least very decent and in line with grades.

Aging is not terrible, everyone will grow old, then It depends on one’s mentality. The grade should show dignity and generosity, and every smile is mature. Although it is said that getting old is not as good-looking as when I was young, I have experienced many things and learned much. This embroidered grandma dress is very generous, the red pattern has a good meaning, and the color matching is also very good.

Red flowers are paired with green vines, with a flesh color in the middle Hollow shape. It looks very spirited, and a shoulder pad is also made on the shoulder of the clothes, so that it looks beautiful. The high-necked design is very dignified, and the fabric on the top is gauze, which will not be very dull, and the feeling of air flow is reflected. Add Shanghai wave curly hair to create a messy beauty.

This time Liu Xiaoqing’s outfit is suitable for age and long The skirt is paired with black pants and black boots. A kind of intimacy came to me, much like my grandma’s dress, don’t look at this kind of clothes, but after wearing it, the colors are bright and people become particularly energetic. The jade bracelet on the hand and the jade pendant on the neck are very nourishing and beautiful.

Star pair I still like this kind of lace skirt. Qin Lan This lace skirt looks very much like the clothes of the aristocrats of the last century. This color scheme is also very advanced. With the embroidery on it, Qin Lan’s temperament is very good. The shape of the upper body is a transparent design, the inside is a small lace tube top design, and echoes the sleeves and skirts of the trumpet flower design. Qin Lan is really suitable for this kind of temperament clothes.

Yang Ying’s white lace dress is very fresh For the dynamic shape, Yang Ying’s condition is very good. The model’s appearance is very beautiful and her figure is good. Even after the baby is born, there is that kind of girly feeling on the body. The upper body is a very clever Chinese design, and the lower body is a little girl’s skirt. The overall combination is a very energetic girl, and the use of lace is very noble, like a little fairy who does not eat fireworks on earth.

Han Xue is also choosing a white lace dress, Han Xue’s dress is very sexy mature woman style. The design of the v-neck elongated neck also shows the collarbone, and the clothes do not have too many designs. Simple lace top, and hollow design. The looming design maximizes the charm of a woman.

Ju Jingyi, as a”four thousand years of beauty”, looks pretty long, makeup is also very beautiful, and is not inferior in dressing. Such a lace top with a bow is very cute. The lace design of the small pattern is very cute, the sleeves are also very long, and it looks very petite. The pink bow is embellished, and there are sequins on it. It is estimated that no one can compare Ju Jingyi on the careful machine in dressing.