Looking back for 20 years, there is no super Dan in the world

By ddzyx

China News Network Client, Beijing, July 4th (Reporter Wang Yu) July 4th, an ordinary weekend.

Chinese badminton star Lin Dan announced his retirement through a personal social media platform.

Personally, his career was fixed in the midsummer of 2020, and his 20-year national career stopped.

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Lin Dan announced his retirement.

In just 462 words, Lin Dan’s endless career shines, and it is also difficult to trust him to leave the lonely world.

The greatness of Lin Dan lies in the tenacity of never giving in, the domineering of standing on the peak, and the love, perseverance and never fail of him.

Now, Lin Dan keeps these together in the field, in the past, and in people’s memories.

“The young man who came out of the small county town of Longyan, Fujian Province, is just like you, and is writing the future.”

When he was young, Lin Dan He was often dressed as a girl by his mother Gao Xiuyu, and his first extracurricular activity was also a literary keyboard. However, the dynamic, unrestrained Lin Dan finally chose badminton.

Unlike many people of the same age, Lin Dan left only sweat in the most naughty time of most children. At the age of 9, Lin Dan came to Fujian badminton alone. After that, Lin Dan accompanied the endless training and competition.

In 1995, Lin Dan won the national youth men’s singles championship and was immediately selected by the Liberation Army. That year, Lin Dan was 12 years old.

From the youth sports school to the Fujian team, and then to the Liberation Army, Lin Dan will always be the best one in the team. All coaches like this player with super explosive and physical quality.

Three years later, Lin Dan was raised to the national youth team, but his naughty personality and negative performance in the Asian Championships made him suffer, and Lin Dan was returned to the provincial team. A year later, Lin Dan killed the second national team again.

At that time, the national team had a tradition. Players who could not beat the first team could only live in the basement. After entering the first team, they could be arranged into the dormitory of the national team. For this reason, Lin Dan lived in the basement. This kind of day lasted two years.

In 2002, Lin Dan was the first round out of the Toms Cup and the subsequent open tournaments,” The nickname”Lin Yilun” was called.

On August 22, 2002, Lin Dan topped the world for the first time. In the 2004 All-British Championship, Lin Dan defeated Idol Pete. Gade won the championship, and the world rankings were further consolidated. It was also after that game that Lin Dan was called”Super Dan” by foreign media.

“After so many years of fighting on the field, I have learned what it is to be insulting.”

Before the Athens Olympics, 21-year-old Lin Dan It is the first in the world, and it is the only one in the limelight. But what waited for Lin Dan was an ending that could not be worse. Excessive”ambition” made him completely lost in himself.

As a new generation of Chinese national badminton team leader, Lin Dan’s young boy was defeated in Athens and was eliminated in the first round. Since then, the hero has fallen to the altar.

After the defeat in Athens, the”Olympics” became a difficult obstacle for Lin Dan.

After a while, Lin Dan realized that it doesn’t matter what others think of him. The real change still depends on himself.”I just want to be myself. Some people say I am arrogant, but this is not my inner desire.” With the help of the coach and his family, Lin Dan came out again and entered the Beijing Olympics preparation cycle.

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On August 17, 2008, Lin Dan boarded the highest podium at the 2008 Beijing Olympics men’s singles final. Photo source:ICphoto

In 2008, at the Beijing Olympics, 25-year-old Lin Dan reached the finals as expected. The opponent is the Li Zongwei.

However, this time Lin Dan did not give him any chance, 21:12, 21:8 won clean and neat.

When the last ball was over, Lin Dan knelt down on the ground and cried and shed tears. Four years of shame and hard work finally turned into an Olympic gold medal.

At that moment, Lin Dan achieved the most perfect redemption;

That game was later called”God is playing in Lin Dan’s jersey”.

“My growth process is not so smooth, I think it is actually a good thing. When you overcome difficulties, it is a process of improving yourself, so I think it is also very good.” Lin Dan realized the bitterness.

“I can’t keep all the years, but the years keep me.”

For the 2012 London Olympic Games, Lin Dan fought hard in three games in the final. 2:1 eventually reversed the defeat of old rival Malaysian Li Zongwei. Lin Dan became the first athlete to defend the Olympic badminton men’s singles event.

Since then, no one will doubt that the angular and determined-looking athlete in front of him has opened up a whole new era of badminton.

Single comment on fake moves, Lin Dan is not as good as Gade; single comment on talent, Lin Dan is not as good as Tao Feike; Lin Dan is not as good as Li Zongwei for his tough character.

In the”Four Heavenly Kings” where the gap in technology, pace, and overall strength is minimal, Lin Dan’s achievements far exceed the sum of Gade, Taufik, and Li Zongwei.

Some people say that Lin Dan was born for the big scene!

But when everyone thought that Lin Dan would retire, he still chose to insist. Won the fifth World Championship in 2013; in 2016 became the unprecedented six-time champion of the All England Championship; in 2017, he won the National Games championship.

No one can challenge Lin Dan’s status, except the years, from a young boy with a strong spirit to a veteran who scolds Fang Qi.

In 2018, the 35-year-old Lin Dan still struggled on the field. Despite the late heroes, the dive saves more and more, the physical strength declines faster and faster, and the number of losses has increased. , But Lin Dan still insists, he said that I will hit the 2020 Tokyo Olympics… .

This is Lin Dan, never admit defeat.

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On May 15, 2005 local time, in the 2005 Sudirman Cup final, Lin Dan won the first Sudirman Cup trophy. Image source:ICphoto

“I am not a feathered alien with a steel body.”

On Lin Dan, there are five well-known Tattoo. The cross on the left arm is used to pay tribute to the grandmother who gave Lin Dan the most care and security;

The five stars in the left arm represent the Grand Slam honor;

“Until the end of the world” on the right arm is a famous BGM that sounded with the inner monologue of Xiangbei defender Mitsui Shou in”Slam Dunk”,”you give up now is the end of the game early”;

There is a double letter”F” on the right forearm, which means his wife Xie Xingfang’s nickname”Fangfang”. The abbreviation of his personal name”LD” is on the neck.

If you say competitive sports, it is a sport that requires faith.

So affection, love, desire for honor, and faith in the game, they all constitute the source of Lin Dan’s inner conviction, and also give him the courage and strength to become a”super Dan”.

But as Lin Dan said:”I am not a badminton alien with a steel body.”

As I grow older, after entering the Tokyo Olympic cycle, Lin Dan’s Competitive ability is declining, and performance is getting worse. Especially in the process of snatching Olympic points, many challenges have been encountered. The prospect of entering the Tokyo Olympics is not ideal.

But he still did not give up lightly, and he still strives to achieve his goals for the fifth Olympic Games.

In each interview after losing, Lin Dan is always unavoidable to be mentioned to retire, but he always believes that he will stand on the Tokyo Olympics.

Even if the defeat has become commonplace, it has not destroyed his dedication to his dreams.

However, after the Spring Festival this year, affected by the new crown epidemic, the world badminton world is still in a state of suspension, and the Tokyo Olympics has been delayed for one year, which undoubtedly made Lin Dan’s Olympic prospects again. Layer of haze.

After the All England Open this year, Lin Dan and the national team have been training in Chengdu Shuangliu Base. With the passage of time, the World Badminton Federation’s tournament restart plan has changed repeatedly, coupled with his own injury and illness, etc., Lin Dan feels that it is more and more difficult to continue to persevere, and finally made a decision to retire.

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The 2016 Rio Olympic Games Badminton Men’s Singles Semi-Final was the last”Lin Lee Battle“, The two old opponents are sympathetic. Photo source:ICphoto

Looking back at the past, how can the past be remembered, only to sigh like a stream of years.

From being side by side with Taufik, Gade and Li Zongwei to become the four kings of the badminton world, to the”Lin-Li War” that has lasted for several years, even though there are countless classic pictures flashing back in mind, It is difficult to copy, and now can only leave the field with back to honor.

“I am 37 years old. My physical fitness and pain no longer allow myself to fight side by side with my teammates. There are gratitude, perseverance, unwillingness and frustration. In the future, I hope to have more To spend time with my family, I will also go to find a new’game field’.”

In June last year, Li Zongwei held a press conference and announced his retirement. Lin Dan, who was Li Zongwei’s lifelong enemy, wrote on Weibo;”Play alone No one is with me.”

Now Lin Dan also announced to wave goodbye to the rivers and lakes of the Yutan, and disappeared together, in addition to the legend that the two have loved and killed each other for more than ten years, the golden age of the”four kings” of the badminton world With today’s past, it will always be etched in the long river of history.

From then on, no longer being compared, no longer dragged down by achievements and expectations, no longer tolerated by doubts and defamation, and finally can put down the racket and find a new direction.

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Information:Lin Dan

Now Lin Dan turns around, leaving behind a record of no one before, even hard to come by:

2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2012 Badminton Men’s Singles Gold Medal at the London Olympics in 2014;

2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, and 2013 Badminton World Championships Men’s Singles Championships;

2004, 2006, 2008 The main force of the Thomas Cup championship team in 2015, 2010, 2012, 2018;

The main force of the Sudirman Cup championship team in 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2015…

Now, we can only watch Lin Dan leave the glory in the past, and wish him a better future…

Goodbye, Super Dan!