Ma Sichun denied showing up for the first time after going abroad for treatment

By yqqlm yqqlm

On July 16, Ma Sichun denied appearing at the airport after going abroad for treatment. Even though most of his face was covered by masks and hats, Ma Sichun was still in poor condition and seemed a little tired. The binocular look is similar to the fashion pony in the airport street shot in the past.

Ma Sichun is wearing a super loose white shirt and a retro style The”grandma style” checked pants, the whole person is very relaxed and casual. Looking down from time to time, she seemed to be deliberately avoiding the camera.

Without filter and without retouching, Ma Sichun’s skin ratio In the past, it was a little darker, and the figure seemed to become more rounded. The untreated hair was scattered casually on the shoulders, and the image was very grounded.

In the past few years, Ma Sichun was also one of the most dazzling female stars in the airport street shooting. In 18 years, she had a very out-of-the-round airport photo. The white dress and red dress had a strong starry taste, full of youth and confidence. In just two years, it seems to have changed a person.

In the variety show broadcast in June, Ma Sichun exposed himself to control his emotions by taking medicine, and the side effects of the medicine will be fat for three days. But after stopping the medicine, the body will have problems such as stiffness and visual impairment.

In the program, Ma Sichun wears a hat all the way, under the filter The skin tone is yellowish, and it looks like the state is not OK.

On July 14th, some media relayed news from Hong Kong media It is said that Ma Sichun has completely stopped working abroad to treat depression due to the halo pressure after the shadow. The report said that there is a discerning eye, which makes many netizens believe it.

Later, the staff around Ma Sichun and the official support committee successively denied the news of treatment abroad. But Ma Sichun did not respond to this news.

2016 Ma Sichun and Zhou Dongyu after taking Golden Horse Shadow at the same time, picking up a new play under the halo behind the shadow, there is some pressure. In these four years, Ma Sichun, like Zhou Dongyu, has tried to co-operate with Xiaoxianrou TV series, and also tried to continue to make literary movies.

But Zhou Dongyu recaptured with”You’re You” After the film, Ma Sichun was often ridiculed by his subsequent weakness. Her figure was thin and fat, and she was fat and thin. Every time she appeared in the photo, there was a heated discussion.

Public opinion will accompany the life of the star. I hope Ma Sichun can return to the peak period as soon as possible.