Make the fewest choices to have the best choices

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Not greedy, is to keep the original intention; less choice, is to better choice.


For some time, I tried to lose weight, but it didn’t work.

One day in the cafeteria, I mentioned this to my colleague. The colleague pointed at my plate and said:You have enough meal for me to eat two meals. If you can lose weight, it’s strange!

Looking at the piled up dishes, I said helplessly:There are eight or nine dishes in the cafeteria, each of which is less to order.

Colleagues ask:Can you choose less?

This sentence really touched me.

I always thought that the biggest restraint is that each choice requires less, but I never thought about choosing less.

Not only me, but some friends around me often fall into this misunderstanding.

I heard a friend talk about his experience of applying for a training class. When he first reported to the class, he thought it was very cost-effective, because the teacher sent him more than 20 materials, covering almost all types of questions and the current political needs of the exam.

After reviewing for a while, he was a little bit blind. He thinks every book is important, every question is worth practicing, and every essay is worth reciting. As a result, a lot of energy is put in, but the review progress is slow like a turtle.

He asked the teacher for advice. The teacher told him:We are to give you as much information as possible, to help you save your time in searching and sorting, but you still have to choose according to your situation. use. Such a complete acceptance, I am afraid that it will not end in a year.

Later, under the guidance of the teacher, friends found their weaknesses through the module test, and then memorized and practiced in a targeted manner, which made the grades improve steadily, and finally admitted to the desired post.

Choose less, sometimes the best choice.


When I first worked in a pharmaceutical company, a protein product developed by the team was very popular.

For a time, cooperation orders came in abundance. Other companies directly bought products, there were channels to seek sales cooperation, and even university laboratories suggested cooperative research and development.

Everyone was very happy and decided to hit the iron while it was hot to start the brand, so they signed all the cooperation orders.

During that time, the entire team worked overtime with enthusiasm. However, due to the large demand, the supply was not timely, and many orders were canceled. Several major customers ended our cooperation with us.

In the end, a good product has caused great damage to the company, and the team’s position has also plummeted.

Life is always like this. If you want to accomplish one thing, the obstacle may not be lack of something, but too much choice and temptation. When you don’t know what to choose or give up, you will stumble on the way forward.

There was a story circulating online:two people were trapped in the desert and saw a lot of gold. One of them disregarded the persuasion of his companions and kept picking up the gold-filled bags in the ground, even throwing away the troublesome kettle. The companion left helplessly, and this greedy person finally held gold and died of thirst in the desert.

A lot of times, seemingly rich choices will only dazzle us and put limited energy on unimportant things, resulting in waste of resources.

If you look carefully at life, we will find that too much demand, often physical and mental exhaustion, and simplifying the complex, will be dark and bright.


Modern life is full of materials and rich in information. There are many things people can choose from, but they don’t really need that much.

As far as online information is concerned, there are a lot of software to push news every day, and the best news; different platforms are pushing discount red envelopes at any time; even for learning, there are various course advertisements that jump out to remind:The whole world is making progress, and it will be too late if you do not study.

We live extremely anxious, for fear that one turn will be abandoned by the times, and one accidentally misses 100 million.

In fact, this is because we are too greedy.

Every gossip is not missed, but at most they can only be used as a chat resource after tea and tea; snatching a red packet with a pinch, but grabbing something that is not needed at all; buying many courses with the trend , But because it is temporarily unavailable, many have never heard of it…

We are wrapped in information, but we rarely think about what information we really want.

People who are truly wise will always stay awake and choose only the options they need most.

Some people take the initiative to block the flood of information and focus on doing their own things; some people insist on a minimalist life and write poetry in a simple life; others choose to live alone and think about life. True meaning.

Everyone’s time and energy are limited. More things are wanted, energy is dispersed, and less is gained. Be less, and go all out in the limited options, but you will get a little more.

Not greedy is to keep the original intention; less choice is for better choice.

The best choice is not that I got everything, but that I found the most important thing, and it became everything for me.

May you and I keep our original intentions and move forward lightly.

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