Manchester City awaken Liverpool:”the best battle” or not

By ddzyx

A game of 0 to 4, Liverpool, which is the first time in 30 years that the league has crowned, is really disappointing Klopp said before,”Look at the performance of the two teams today, I can’t believe so many leads.” The difference between the strength of the military city is far from what the standings can summarize. The killing, but also to continue to strengthen Manchester United and Chelsea, the difficulty of defending is far better than the previous Manchester City. However, in the face of the siege of the heroes, the Red Army in high altitude, ready to hold the”most battle” for three consecutive seasons?

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A rare defeat in 5 years strong>

This season, Liverpool, whose output of firepower has been reduced to 32 games and 70 goals, can maintain a high-profile lead from the start of the season. The 21-33 goal conceded before the second round of the military city basically shows the problem. However, the unintentioned Red Army crowd will be defeated by 4 goals in Etihad, tied the Premier League team’s record of the biggest score loss after winning the championship , And the last time they lost by more than 4 goals, the opponent was also Manchester City; and 3 goals in the half, behind, it was a 1-6 defeat to Stoke City in May 2015. The”dark moment” has been rare for five years. Defeat.

And with the fiasco, it’s Van Dyke+Gomez Undefeated Metaphysics Broken, the previous two partners, the Reds recorded 21 wins and 3 draws in 24 battles, only 13 goals and zero games up to 15 games, but the Dutch who played 2880 minutes in 32 rounds, have been exhausted more than once this season. Tipp suffered multiple injuries and Lovren was highly targeted by opponents in the cup many times. However, the rumored Coulibaly just looks at it. DeLaurentis, who has never seen rabbits and eagles, is not a good seller; and Ben White, who has brightly rented out Leeds United, seems to be the one. More realistic choice.

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This game, Van Dyck + Gomez’s The halfback combination is no longer magic. Shortly after the opening, Gomez knocked down Sterling in the penalty area to eat the yellow point package, and then De Blauner hit the fence, Manchester City took a 1-0 lead.

It is the same urgent as the central defender recruitment, it is the midfielder. This season, Keta slipped and fell into a peach-coloured farce outside the court. The Red Army midfielder, which lacked organizers, further declined in creativity, even At the end of the season, Fabinho defended the charge several times, although the data is high, but also the shortcomings of the lineup. Fortunately, the midfield reinforcements were put on the agenda earlier than the central defender, and they have clearly rejected Bayern’s request for renewal of Thiago’s intention in the Premier League, Although his physique is relatively glass, the Spanish midfielder is highly appreciated by Uncle Slag. Since Guardiola led the team, he has experienced a variety of midfield patterns in the past seven years. At present, Liverpool and Bayern are still inconsistent for the transfer fee of 35 million euros for players. It is a rare good price in previous years, but the player contract is only 1 year and is 29 years old. Under the epidemic, Liverpool naturally spends one less One point is one point.

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Bayern midfielder Tiago has become one of the candidates for the Reds midfield reinforcement.

The direction of signing the Red Army fans with chest tightness and shortness of breath is clearly in the frontcourt. Admittedly, in front of Chelsea meeting all the requirements of Red Bull and Werner, the Red Army, who had failed to move forward, passed by the desired shooter, which was helpless, but to be fair, even if Mane and Firmino have both reduced their production this season, but no matter what Carragher and other celebrities call for, the Red Army strike line is far from the exchange point, and there is no luxury to be led by a trident player. Rotation lineup. After all, Origi, Shakiri and Nanye Tuoshi, who are trident spares, only played 890 minutes this season, 4 The output of ball 1 help is better than nothing, no wonder Huang Xican finally refused to invite to Leipzig. Considering that the youth training of the team is not lacking in the reserve forces such as Brewster and Elliott, the new forward of the Reds in the ball city this summer is more”just think about it.”

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Liverpool favorite forward Werner joined his potential rival Chelsea in this transfer window.

Golden root determines the upper limit of the Red Army?

The goal of the ball market is to let the goal miss, and the fans obviously blame Fenway’s financial austerity. After all, the Red Army’s Premier League championship lineup this season has only net investment of 8.6 million pounds, which is the past 9 years. The Premier League’s least paid champion is only less than Manchester United (6.3 million pounds) in the 2010-11 season, and the investment of the six championship teams in nine years has exceeded 60 million pounds. Although taking into account inflation, Lee Kee’s real spending may still be under the Red Devils, but the “little pea” introduced by Ferguson that year, Smalling and others are worth the money, and Adrian, who joined the Red Army this season , Nan Ye Tuo Shi and others, either pit father on critical occasions, or it takes time to get the name right, in other words, Liverpool is a lineup for two consecutive years.

But another reality that cannot be ignored is that last season, John Henry II, who promised to”never go” in the Champions League lineup, said that it did, Salah, Mane, Arnold, Robertson, Henderson, a large number of main salary increase to stay in the team, although the team’s top salary Salah (250,000 pounds weekly salary) in The superstar group is still a cabbage price, but the new contract and brokerage commission total 353 million euros, almost on par with Manchester City’s 359 million Premier League first payroll, which certainly maximizes stability, but also locks up cash flow. Van Dyck, Keita, and Alison are unlikely to reproduce with great generosity, while the departure of marginal people such as Lovren, Shakiri, Kalius, and Gruitch is almost inevitable.

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Leaving all the main lineups to maximize Liverpool’s stability, but also locks up cash flow.

Compared to Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Manchester United and other business giants, Liverpool have certainly won in recent years, but the basic set of fans determines the upper limit of the team’s investment:one more The obvious fact is that in the number of Instagram fans, Real Madrid has exceeded the 80 million mark, and Liverpool still have only 23 million after three consecutive seasons of leaps. This also determines that the team sponsors are unlikely Give the sponsorship fee for the Western Super League.

Last season, Liverpool just became the first team in the European broadcast revenue division, but the new crown epidemic has followed. The empty field competition may continue until next year or even longer. The broadcast revenue shrinks. At the same time, the Red Army box office and match day The two major”basic disks” of income have fallen even more severely. And perhaps it was deterred by the more severe epidemic in North America. Fenway Group’s carefulness in Europe and the tightening of money are also justifiable. It is true that the Red Army is by no means the”Xiaomi plus rifle” at the beginning of Klopp’s takeover, but the creation of the dynasty is based on tapping potential, which is also difficult for the strong.

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