Manchester City walks away, UEFA is stupid with”salted fish”

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  4. What is the use of fiscal equity policy?

On Monday, the International Sports Arbitration Court announced the overthrow of UEFA’s two-year European war ban on Manchester City. Manchester City can continue to participate in the Champions League next season. At the same time, UEFA fines for Manchester City have also been reduced from 30 million euros to 10 million euros.

For the penalty awarded by the International Sports Arbitration Court, Liverpool coach Klopp commented:”For football , This is not a good day… It’s a bit like F1. If you put a private jet in and see who is fast, the plane will definitely win.”

And Manchester City coach Guardiola responded and said:”This is a good day for football. It is a very good day. We follow the rules like everyone else. If we break the rules, then we should Banned.”

Where does Manchester City win?

The whole thing originated in November 2018, the German”Der Spiegel” published the hacked Manchester City internal mail. The content of the email revealed that Manchester City seriously exaggerated its sponsorship income, misleading UEFA to believe that their financial position is in line with the”Financial Fair Play (Financial Fair Play, FFP)”. Manchester City immediately set up a counterattack after knowing that it would be suspended.

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Manchester City invited Panick, an attorney at Blackstone, and Paul Harris, an attorney at the Moncton Law Office. The Panick had acted as a defense lawyer for the Queen of England and the late Princess Diana. Panick had previously helped the famous British tennis player Rusedsky elide the drug ban charges.

And this luxury lawyers group also lived up to the expectations of the club, successfully found the painful foot of UEFA. On Monday, the International Sports Arbitration Tribunal announced the results, but did not publish the full basis for the penalty. However, judging from the announcement issued to the media, the International Sports Arbitration Tribunal believes that UEFA’s accusation against Manchester City is not established, and that the case has also expired.

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The company’s American editor has taken a vacation, make up

According to the lawsuit regulations of the Club Finance Division (CFCB) set by UEFA, the prosecution is only for violations within the past five years . The arbitration agency under the UEFA Club Finance Division (specially responsible for reviewing violations) found that Manchester City’s violations were within a five-year period, but the three lawyers of the International Sports Arbitration Tribunal did not agree with this statement, and UEFA lost the case.

In addition, the International Sports Arbitration Tribunal believes that the Manchester City Club concealed equity financing and disguised it as a sponsorship charge. The reason why the International Sports Court supports a fine of 10 million euros for Manchester City is because the club does not cooperate with UEFA’s investigation. Undoubtedly, Manchester City won a big victory this time, and UEFA was defeated.

Manchester City broke through the siege

How to understand the lawsuit between UEFA and Manchester City? The British”Guardian” used the title”New Money 1 Old Money 0″ when commenting. The literal translation is”New Money 1-0 Old Money”. In English,”New Money” refers to the newly emerging forces, and”Old Money” refers to the hereditary nobility. Judging from the Manchester City vs UEFA event, the new money obviously refers to the new British football power that is rapidly rising with the help of huge extra funds, while the old money is the old European football power.

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The La Liga President Tebas is very positive about encircling Manchester City

For the delicate relationship between the European mainland and the British Isles, if you are interested, you can check out the Austrian writer Zweig Written by”Yesterday’s World”. In this book, you can clearly feel the gap between continental European culture and British culture. In the world of football, these European giants have established a stable hierarchy. At the top are the few elite clubs in the G14 organization. They monopolize the highest honors and the best talents of professional football, and of course also include the biggest gains.

But The rise of the Premier League, especially Manchester City, Chelsea, and even the future Newcastle United team, has broken the monopoly of the giants in continental Europe. If Manchester United and Liverpool are still part of Old Money, then after being assisted by the Middle East consortium, the black chicken suddenly changed into a phoenix, posing a real threat to these old-school forces. If it were not for Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo’s joint performance in the past ten years that created the splendid La Liga, it is hard to say whether the major European giants can defend the Champions League defense. And after Liverpool won the championship last season, the Premier League is implicitly rising again.

So, the European giants (not excluding Manchester United and Liverpool) on the one hand must surround Manchester City in the stadium, on the other hand they must also open up a new legal battlefield. If Manchester City’s two-year ban is put into effect, It will obviously block the team’s upward momentum. Imagine if Guardiola will be renewed if Manchester City encounters a suspension. Will Debrune and Sterling go far away? However, after all, this siege net did not block Manchester City.

What is the significance of fiscal equity policy?

So is there a problem with Manchester City? of course! According to media reports, six years ago, Manchester City and UEFA reached a compromise on violating the financial review system. On the one hand, they suspended the recruitment for one year, and on the other hand, they paid a fine. However, Manchester City did not take the promise seriously. While being punished, the club chairman Mansour ordered the establishment of a special account-keeping project, also named”Long Bow Project.” The purpose of the plan is to bypass UEFA regulation and pay players up to 40 million pounds in salary. Interestingly, the longbow (the bow is 2-2.2 meters long, hence the name) is a weapon used by the British to fight on the European continent in the 14th-15th century. In the battle of Agincourt with the French, it became the key for the British to win more with less.

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British Longbow

Financial equity policy is known to regulate the European football economy, but it is actually used to restrain upstarts and some small and medium-sized league clubs. Look at the list of penalties:Queens Park Rangers, Turkish Super Besiktas, Galatasaray, a little weighty Serie A giant AC Milan, and finally fell lightly. But for those traditional forces, fiscal equity policies are closed and closed. The policy stipulates that players’ salaries cannot exceed 70%of the club’s total revenue, but Barcelona and Juventus have been above 80%for a long time. Now that Manchester City is breaking free from this shackle, it has made UEFA’s fiscal equity policy seem embarrassing.

No wonder, Tottenham’s head coach Mourinho’s assessment is”I think the fiscal equity policy will be over Now, because it doesn’t make sense, let’s open the door of the circus and let people enjoy it.”

So, how will UEFA prepare to wield the big stick of fiscal fairness in the future? Can’t control the old giants with deep-rooted forces, and can’t catch the new forces with strong financial resources, FFP follows”Jiupin Sesame Officer” The salted fish sword is the same, you can see it.

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