Manchester City”overturned” ruin financial fairness?

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On July 13, the International Sports Arbitration Tribunal (CAS) announced that Manchester City’s two-year penalty for not participating in the European War was lifted and the fine was reduced to 10 million euros. This means that Blue Moon, currently ranked second in the Premier League, has won the league title in the previous two seasons and will not miss the European War in the next season.

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Event review:Why was it severely fined?

European war suspension for 2 years, fined 30 million euros. This is the ruling announced by the ruling room of the “FCFC” (ICFC), an independent agency under UEFA, in February this year. The ruling room found that Manchester City “seriously violated the UEFA club between 2012 and 2016 Regulations on licensing and financial fair play”. In addition, Manchester City”refuses to cooperate with the ICFC’s investigation into this”, which in the opinion of the adjudication room is a more serious error. In 2015,”Blue Moon” and Etihad Airways signed a contract with a total value of approximately 80 million euros, but the investigator confirmed that most of the contract amount was owned by Manchester City’s nominal owner Mansur The investment fund ADUG, which is controlled by the Prince, is paid directly, and the specific amount is about 70 million euros.

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Prince Mansour

According to the German weekly”Der Spiegel” Decrypting some of the emails between Manchester City’s high-level officials, the club and other UAE business partners have signed similar agreements in order to make Manchester City meet the requirements of a fair financial competition. In addition, they made another offense this time:In 2014,”Blue Moon” was fined 60 million euros for violating the same regulations. This time, UEFA’s punishment is no longer tickling, but directly. Earlier, AC Milan, Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Sion have all been expelled from the European war for a period of time because they violated the rules of fiscal fair play. But this is the first time UEFA has played against the defending champions of the five major leagues.

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Shortly after the UEFA penalty was announced, Manchester City The announcement issued clearly stated that they will turn to the sports arbitration court. Manchester City’s first request for help should have been UEFA, in a manner that requires a moratorium. The reason for the club is that if the punishment is executed before the judicial process reaches a final conclusion, it will bring irreparable losses to the club. This situation did not happen,”Blue Moon” appealed to the ultimate institution-the International Sports Arbitration Tribunal as soon as possible, so as not to cause damage to the club.

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Court of Arbitration for Sports

For The penalties made by the UEFA ruling room, Manchester City said”disappointed but not accidental”, it is certain that the club hopes to fight to the end. To this end, they launched three very well-known law firms to defend themselves:Kellerhals-Carrard, headquartered in Switzerland, Freshfields and Monckton Chambers, headquartered in London. Their argument will not focus on the fact that Manchester City violated the rules mentioned in the ruling room, but on the legal validity of the decision of the Financial Fair Play Commission. From the perspective of Manchester City, UEFA played a triple role of”investigator, prosecutor and judge”, which could not prove its fairness and objectivity; secondly, UEFA’s investigation used illegally obtained information (decrypted by football) To support their verdict. In Manchester City’s view, these”evidences” are inadmissible regardless of their authenticity.

At the end of February this year, the International Sports Arbitration Court formally accepted Manchester City’s appeal. Subsequently, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the trial time was delayed, but from June 8 to 10, the arbitration court finally held a closed hearing through online video. And after another month of research, the final arbitration result was finally released, Manchester City counterattack was successful, only need to pay a fine of 10 million euros, no longer need to worry about their Champions League qualifications.

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The power of capital should not be underestimated

After the International Sports Arbitration Tribunal (CAS) announced that Manchester City had successfully “turned the case” and successfully escaped the two-year European War suspension period set by UEFA, the media and fans in England threw a A topic that makes UEFA feel embarrassed:Does this ruling signify that the Fiscal Fairness Act is dead?

The previous UEFA fines have nothing to do with Manchester City clubs, making them truly like a needle, is the two-year European war ban. What does this mean for a team that wants to win the Champions League? For the club’s financial situation, this may trigger a fatal blow. The UEFA Champions League appearance fee for two seasons may not be a huge sum of money for clubs like Manchester City, but due to the strong restraint of the Financial Equity Act, Blue Moon will be more effective in the next two years, and will be cautious in terms of capital injection and accounts. Avoid further severe sanctions by UEFA. In the case of limited gold investment, they may not have enough confidence to leave the top players in the team. What is worse is that the reputation of the Manchester City club that has just been established will be greatly damaged during the two years of maintaining the punishment. .

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After the success of Manchester City’s case, the status is now awkward, It became UEFA and the Fiscal Fairness Act. In the words of BBC editor Luo Ang, the reliability of this bill in the eyes of the industry has been”shredded”:”After losing the battle with the world’s richest club, how can the financial fairness bill still deal with any Clubs constitute binding force? Especially when compared to UEFA’s harshly worded”criminal instruments”, other clubs will find that these so-called heinous crimes only need to pay a fine of 10 million pounds in the end to keep you safe and sound. So you I think in the future, will everyone obey this bill more, or will they completely ignore its existence?”

From the perspective of UEFA managers, this is not only a major setback. Before they introduced the Fiscal Fairness Act, they also spawned the corresponding bills of various leagues, which seemed to form a strict defense. Now the”General Rudder” bill declares defeat, and the league’s restraint on the new giants is impossible to talk about. After this ruling, this line of law and regulation, which has been painstakingly established by managers, will also be vanished. It seems that the Fiscal Equity Act has been amended and supplemented accordingly. But someone in the industry pointed out that after the credibility of a bill is completely destroyed, it is almost impossible to re-establish the corresponding prestige for it.

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Looking at this bill, Manchester City was talking and laughing Throw in the trash. Some critics believe that UEFA’s mistakes are overconfidence and at the same time underestimate the power of capital. They believe that they can solve the problem once and for all with a set of strict laws and regulations, which is very naive in practical applications. way of doing. Therefore, famous clubs such as Barnes suggest that UEFA may start with a specific rule, first use these relatively simple and specific rules to slightly clamp the hands and feet of these giant teams, and then watch the reactions of these clubs to continue Slowly complete the countermeasures with the new bill. The most-regarded “rectification” rule is to set the highest salary cap system in the league, which can not only prevent some players from being greedy in terms of salary, but also prevent the clubs from running out of control in their respective contract renewal negotiations in the past five years. Situation.

In addition, because of the epidemic, as early as April, some lower leagues were already brewing in their league leagues to adopt this way to save some of the original savings, which are financially stretched. club. This move now seems to have less resistance. Most clubs will at least not object, and it is also in line with the new form of football after the outbreak. Barnes also pointed out that at least in the enforcement and defense of similar specific rules, the corresponding agencies are much easier to implement:”If the team violates the relevant rules, the law enforcement agencies are proving that they violated the rules and found them guilty. Will be relatively easier.”