Mankind is currently facing two bottleneck periods, any one breakthrough, mankind may enter advanced civilization

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Humans are the only intelligent life on earth. They were born millions of years ago. Although humans have been born for a long time, the time it takes for humans to enter civilization from words is not long, only about 5000 years. .

The time of 5000 years is insignificant compared to the time of millions of years, but don’t underestimate the 5000 years of human civilization time, it allows human civilization to achieve leapfrog development, and never knows anything. The original civilization has grown into a technologically advanced technological civilization. The development time of human science and technology is only about 200 years, which is an incredible period of development.

In 200 years, human civilization technology has made tremendous progress. With the help of technology, human civilization is changing every day, especially the development of nearly a hundred years, it is almost incredible. Various technologies continue to emerge, making people’s living standards higher and higher, and humans have stepped out of the earth and started exploring the universe.

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However, when mankind walked out of the earth, the development of science and technology encountered a bottleneck period. For a long time, there has been no obvious breakthrough. Many people may think that the technological development in the past 50 years is also very fast, but this rapid development is still unable to keep up with 100 years ago, during the Newton period, Tesla, Einstein compared to that era.

In the history of human science and technology, several great and epoch-making scientists appeared 50 years ago. Newton proposed gravitation. Tesla has thousands of inventions and inventors of alternating current. Not to mention Einstein, his theory of relativity and mass-energy equation laid the brilliance of modern physics.

In fact, many of us now have cosmic research and exploration, and physical theories still follow the footsteps of the great scientists 50 years ago. In fact, there have been no breakthroughs in the development of science and technology in recent decades. There are two bottlenecks. Any one of these breakthroughs will enable human civilization to achieve epoch-making progress and become a senior civilization in one fell swoop.

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The rapid development of human science and technology is largely for exploring the services of the universe. However, we have found that there has been no epoch-making progress in human space technology in the past 50 years, especially in the speed of spacecraft, and there has been no qualitative breakthrough. Fifty years ago, it took about half a year for the human probe to go to Mars. Today, it still takes about half a year for the probe to go to Mars. No breakthrough progress has been made in speed.

We all know that the universe is vast and vast. To realize the dream of exploring the universe, speed is the first priority. If the spacecraft does not have a fast enough speed, we cannot walk out of the solar system and cannot explore the entire galaxy. Without super fast speed, we can’t get out of the Milky Way, let alone explore other galaxies. However, the current human speed breakthrough has encountered a huge bottleneck.

The basic distance of the universe is measured in light years, so the basic speed is the speed of light. Therefore, the speed of light is an important period of speed. Only when the speed of the spacecraft reaches infinitely close to the speed of light can human civilization enter a new stage of development, and it can be considered as an initial entry into interstellar civilization. The level of human civilization is also equivalent to an increase of one level to become a preliminary advanced civilization.

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Sub-light speed flight is an important bottleneck for mankind to explore the universe. With sub-light speed flight achieved, the solar system will let us cross the horizon and start from the earth It takes only a short time to reach the edge of the solar system, unlike the current departure from the earth to the Kuiper belt, which takes more than 10 years. Such a speed traverses Olt Nebula It takes more than ten thousand years to get out of the solar system.

If sub-speed flight is achieved, it only takes up to one year to travel through the Oort Nebula. After walking out of the solar system, we can explore some galaxies near the solar system, so that it is possible to discover life planets, find extraterrestrial life and even It is an alien civilization. And we can also explore to find a new earth suitable for human survival, and human interstellar migration will also begin.

The above is the first bottle of energy that mankind is currently facing:an epoch-making breakthrough in speed. The second bottle of energy is an exploration of the multiplicity of space. Modern science has proposed multidimensional space theory, but in the eyes of humans, we only know three-dimensional space, at most it is to recognize two-dimensional space and one-dimensional space. But we don’t know anything about the space above four dimensions.

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Although we know that multidimensional space may exist in reality, it is impossible to discover the existence of multidimensional space from the perspective of human beings and technology , Not to mention that you can actively enter other spaces, such as four-dimensional space. Humans’ vision of space now only stays in three-dimensional space. We can see the length, width and height in the real world, but we cannot perceive the time in four-dimensional space.

The human perspective stays in three-dimensional space, which is not much different from the ant perspective stays in two-dimensional space. In the world of ants, there is no concept of height, they can only recognize a two-dimensional plane, so even if a grain of rice stays on the ant’s head, it cannot perceive and discover the existence of this grain of rice, and only waits for this grain of rice to fall The ants can be found only when they fall to the ground. Someone once did such an experiment, placing the food in front of the ant over the top of the ant’s head, this time the ants will feel at a loss, they do not know why the food in front of them will disappear.

Maybe in the eyes of humans, ants are really stupid. They just hang the food in the air, as long as the ants look up, they can see it, but it is such a dangling, in the two-dimensional world of ants Here is a great event, this is a mysterious disappearance. Even if the ants look up, they can’t find the food. The reason is very simple. The ants don’t have a three-dimensional visual sense, they can only perceive the existence of two dimensions.

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For the same reason, in a human three-dimensional world, if a person suddenly disappears in front of you, you will also behave like an ant You will not know why the person in front of you suddenly disappears. In the human world, this is a mysterious disappearance event, something that cannot be explained by science.

But such a mysterious disappearance event may only be the intelligent life in the four-dimensional space, which has pulled the person in front of you into time and space. He may still be in front of you, but not in a space with you. Entered the four-dimensional space. Since there are only three dimensions in the human horizon, although we know that four dimensions may exist, we cannot perceive the four-dimensional space, let alone feel the things in the four-dimensional space.

Multidimensional space theory is another important bottleneck encountered by human civilization. It is actually much more difficult and more important than achieving sub-light speed flight. Multidimensional space theory has a basic rule that high-dimensional space can dominate low-dimensional space. Everything in three-dimensional space has no secrets for the creatures in four-dimensional space. The creatures in four-dimensional space can change some rules in three-dimensional space.

I believe that friends who have seen the”Three Body” know a terrible weapon:dimensionality reduction strikes. This actually uses multidimensional space theory, launching attacks from four-dimensional space to enemies in three-dimensional space, or directly Things in three dimensions are reduced to two dimensions. You can imagine that we are all three-dimensional creatures. If we reduce to two-dimensional, then everything in three-dimensional space is equivalent to disappearing directly and disappearing forever in this universe.

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It can be seen that multidimensional space theory is very advanced. Once humans break through this bottleneck, they recognize the existence of multidimensional space, and Being able to apply some multi-dimensional space, then human civilization will directly enter the advanced civilization, and realize the huge breakthrough of the Dragon Gate and the dragon as a dragon.

Of course, the above two bottle strengths are the technical systems that we very much envy and expect, but it is not so easy to realize them. Sublight speed flight may still be under the existing physical system, and it can still be achieved after a period of hard work. However, multidimensional space theory has exceeded the existing physical system. To truly uncover its mysteries, it may require human technology to truly break the existing physical system. This is not an easy task.

Although the development path of human civilization will be full of countless hardships, as long as human civilization can strive to develop and continue, we will one day be able to break through these two bottlenecks, enter a truly advanced civilization, and become the universe’s Strong. Of course, there will be many bottlenecks waiting for us on the road of technological development. These two are just the tip of the iceberg.

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