Many years ago, the girl who was obsessed with”thick eyebrows” covered half of his forehead.

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What about the girl who likes to draw her eyebrows over half of her forehead?

Since ancient times, most women have liked rouge gouache, and their makeup looks have different popular styles every year with the development of the times. Those who are at the forefront of fashion lead the public’s aesthetic. Usually a person who is good at makeup can draw a good eyebrow shape. In the past, tattoo eyebrows were popular, and now semi-permanent makeup is popular. If a person’s eyebrows are properly painted, it is half of the overall makeup success. I still remember the sad appearance of the Japanese-American actress intern Grayy when she was about to get married and asked her mother-in-law to hang her eyebrows. She felt that losing her eyebrows was like losing herself. So when a girl draws eyebrows on most of her forehead, it is also amazing.

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=ed954e777ec8b5ea977025135687b736 - Many years ago, the girl who was obsessed with"thick eyebrows" covered half of his forehead.

This girl was born in Russia, young and beautiful, and often shares her beauty experience on the Internet. Because she likes to watch angry birds, she wanted to imitate the eyebrows of birds. She drew her eyebrows thick, and she looked very fond of them, so she was very popular when she went out. Extensive discussion, people who have never seen such makeup. Unconsciously, her thick eyebrows increased her popularity on the Internet. Many fans expressed that she also liked her eyebrows very much, and it made her very happy to meet like-minded people.

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=668c2e9d769341a4d225dd92fbb954e0 - Many years ago, the girl who was obsessed with"thick eyebrows" covered half of his forehead.

Although there are many people who can’t appreciate her aesthetic, this girl doesn’t care. She thinks that young is to have their own ideas, if everything follows the previous ones Standards, where is there any innovation? She drew her eyebrows thicker, almost covering the entire forehead, and also matched her eyebrow shape with the clothing. She treats her eyebrows as an ornament to modify her face, making her look unique. The qualities of Internet celebrities are something that others do not, so she is very successful now and enjoys it.

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=58082b627c71b0c644fac7190afde026 - Many years ago, the girl who was obsessed with"thick eyebrows" covered half of his forehead.

She feels happier in life after being known and followed by everyone. After going out, many people can recognize who she is, some want to take a photo, some say hello, and even take special care when shopping. This has never happened in her previous life. In order to continue to maintain flow, she takes makeup as an essential thing in her life. Whenever she designs a new eyebrow shape, she will choose her clothes carefully and pose in various professional poses. Now the photos she presents look good. She doesn’t know how long people will like her, but taking every makeup seriously is what she enjoys most now.

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=6e453d5174a0f370f5d3dcd3f50199fe - Many years ago, the girl who was obsessed with"thick eyebrows" covered half of his forehead.

Everyone wants their videos to stand out. In this era of rapid Internet popularity, every new thing will be updated quickly. instead. Everything has its own life cycle. The whimsy is the inevitable product of the development of the times, and it is the rich imagination that has achieved the success of many people. Now that she has her own goals in the Internet age, I hope she can become a better beauty blogger in the future. Do you like such thick eyebrows?