Marbury:Xinjiang players are very familiar with each other, Zhou Qi is an NBA player

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Tiger Puss July 15th CBA rematch, Beijing controlled men’s basketball team 86-104 lost to Xinjiang. In this campaign, Beikong was overturned by the Xinjiang team in the fourth quarter. Marbury said:”In fact, we played well in the fourth quarter. At that time, although we were behind, we wanted to seize the time to score instead of hitting the ball. To the inside, because it will delay time. It is just that the last stage of the shooting has not been entered, and time is wasted.”

Marbury concluded:”Xinjiang is a very strong team, their players They are relatively familiar with each other, they know each other well, and it is better to blend in with each other. They showed a very aggressive nature throughout the game, and they did not lose their concentration even when they were behind.

Our conversion is still based on our defense. Just like when we played the Shanghai team, we played very well in the first half and played very badly in the second half. Then this is also the case. The first quarter is like before. Playing in Shanghai, the second quarter is like playing in the second half of Shanghai. I have always asked the team to stay focused throughout the game and show their pre-game plans.”

Fog said:”Xinjiang The team’s strength is very strong, the coach made a very good game plan for us before the game. However, we did very well in the first three quarters, and we can implement our game plan, but we failed to stick to the fourth quarter. Unfortunately we Failed to win the game and lost the game.”

For the performance of Sun Tonglin, Marbury Commented:”Today he is facing the old club, he also showed a strong desire, he actually did it. In fact, Sun Tonglin played well in the last three games. Then finally have to evaluate Zhou Qi, Zhou Qi is indeed a very strong CBA player, and also an NBA-level player. When facing such players, you can only take out My strongest strength, continue to challenge.”

Beijing foreign aid Fogg and Moultrie continued to play steadily, scoring 41 points and 20 points, but otherwise the team No one scored in double figures. Sun Yue scored only 1 of 11 points and scored 2 points, while Sun Tonglin scored 6 points.

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