Mars exploration, start the journey of Chinese planetary exploration

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China will use Changzheng-5 remote launch vehicle chooses the opportunity to launch the Martian probe”Tianwen-1″, the aerospace curtain of our planetary exploration mission is about to open!

01 days to ask

This year’s Space Day China will

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The planetary exploration mission is officially named”Tianwen”, China’s first Mars exploration mission is named”Tianwen-1″ as the beginning of the planetary exploration mission. In the future, there will be”Tianwen 2″ and”Tianwen 3″… The missions will be carried out one after another. The Chinese people’s vision and detection footprint will face the edge of the solar system and even deeper galaxies!

Where does the name come from?

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From Qu Yuan Chang Shi”Questions of Heaven”, the book expresses the author’s bold questioning of certain traditional concepts and the spirit of exploration in pursuit of truth. The content is amazing, showing the author’s deep and thoughtful personality, active thinking and rich imagination, showing extraordinary knowledge and amazing artistic talent, and is known as”Everything is amazing“.

Engineering logo? The mission symbol is Nine Stars, which arranges the eight planets of the solar system in sequence, expressing the colorfulness of the universe and presenting it

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The scientific discoveries are rich and colorful, including movement, flowing rhythm, and the open elliptical orbit is tilted upward as a whole, showing the image of the letter”C”. Represents China Planetary Exploration-China, embodies the spirit of international cooperation-Cooperation, and marks the ability of deep space exploration to enter space-C3.


The”Tianwen 1″ Mars probe is composed of three parts:orbiter, lander, and patrol, with a total mass of about 5 tons. The”Sky Question 1″ Mars exploration mission will complete the three major tasks of”circling, falling, and patrolling” at one time. It will be the first time in the world to explore Mars and complete the soft landing mission!

What are the specific tasks?

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Acquisition of image data, including Martian surface pictures , Astronomical phenomena, etc.; measuring substances and elements to see what substances are on the surface of Mars, what are the constituents of these substances, and for the formation of Mars, it is important to interpret its environment; measuring the environment, as the name implies, obtain temperature by direct measurement, Atmospheric composition, etc.; look inside Mars, look at the shallow geological structure, etc.; observe Martian weather, such as storms, temperature changes, etc.

In order to complete this unprecedented task in our country, China completed the hovering obstacle avoidance experiment of the Mars exploration mission lander, and the Long March 5 remote four rocket large thrust hydrogen-oxygen engine successfully completed the 100-second calibration test run The experiment was also completed in January this year. In March, China’s first Mars exploration mission wireless joint test was a complete success. It can be said to be steady and steady, and progress is smooth and gratifying.

03 human Mars exploration history

Mars exploration faces huge risks and challenges, with a success rate of less than half, and a launch window Challenges such as long cycle time, long detection range and new environment.

In 1960, the Soviet Union launched the first Mars rover, but declared that the mission failed before entering Earth orbit. Launching the detector again 4 days later also failed. After more than ten years of development, the Soviet Union launched the Mars 2 probe in 1971, and finally successfully entered Mars orbit.

In fact, the Soviet Union launched the Mars exploration satellite four years earlier than the United States, but the United States has a clear advantage in subsequent development. The United States launched the first Mars probe, Mariner 3, in 1964, which ended in failure. But Mariner 4 succeeded, obtained first-hand information, took the first close-up picture of Mars, and studied the space particles around Mars.

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After the sailor series, the United States launched the pirate series again, Pirate One landed on Mars in 1976, achieving the first human soft landing on Mars. In the later period, Mars Rover was launched, which achieved great success in general, and achieved a variety of explorations on Mars, and achieved a series of Fruitful results.

European Mars Exploration launched the Mars Express probe in 2003. Speaking of it, its Harrier II probe successfully landed on Mars but lost contact. However, with the Mars Express mission, EuroAir has also harvested a lot of data and surface images, which has contributed to the human Mars exploration mission.

With the continuous development of science and technology and the continuous progress of the Asian economy, Asian countries are eager to try and join the”Mars Exploration Club”.

Meeting on Mars, we and”Tianwen No. 1″ are not separated. As the first step of the planetary exploration mission, although Mars exploration is full of challenges and ups and downs, but we must win, it is bound to be won!

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