Matsushima Nanako has been exposed and has been separated. At the age of 47, she wears a lace skirt without fat, does not fear wrinkles, and is also anti-fighting

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On July 15, Japanese media reported that actress Matsushima Nanako and her husbandKishina Takashi history Marriage discord, has now separated, and people in the circle also broke the news. When she was young, Matsushima Nanako became the goddess in the minds of many people with her high face value and good acting skills. Now she is 47 years old. Although there are always news of marital discord, but it seems to have little effect on her, now she Her figure is still very good, and her face is also very beautiful. Star modeling review contest Matsushima Nanako marriage change

Matsushima Nanako grew a first love face when he was young , With long and short hair, bangs cover half of the eyebrows, and there is a pure taste between the eyebrows and the smile is very charming, making people unable to open their eyes.

Because her face value is too prominent, the first grade When he was a model, he appeared in various magazines and advertisements, and his fame grew.

When Matsushima Nanako was 19 years old, she starred His first TV series”President Ruo General”, since then entered the acting circle and became an actor. After that, she starred in many works, including”Midnight Bell”,”Spicy Teacher GTO”,”Witch’s Conditions”, etc., which are very classic works.

She’s starred in”Dawa Worship Girl” is popular among the public Yes, the play was broadcast in 2000, but because of the large number of favorite audiences, the play aired the”20th Anniversary Special for Daiwa Worship Girl” on the evening of July 6 and 13 this year.

In this play, Matsushima Nanako plays a role The stewardess, with her neat and clean short hair, combed her bangs to one side, the sense of purity that once became mature in an instant. She is wearing a classic flight attendant uniform, without any cumbersome decorations, and really has the elegant temperament of a flight attendant, acting very well!

When she was 28 years old, she married the actor Kashi Takashi, two I met each other when I appeared in”GTO”. In the play, Matsushima Nanako has long hair, and the youth on her face has faded. It looks more like a mature and intellectual woman. Her eyes were bright and she smiled tenderly and lovelyly.

Two people standing together is really the most”langcai female appearance” words Jia explained that Ryomachi Takahashi wore a black inside, a gray suit on the outside, and a pair of blue jeans on the lower body. Next to Matsushima Nanako was wearing a white shirt and a pair of khaki pants. Both men put their hands in front of them and smiled in a tacit look at the camera.

Unfortunately, the marriage between Matsushima Nanako and Takashima Takashi It’s not going well, and now I’m separated from each other; fortunately, Matsushima Nanako didn’t quit the acting world after getting married like Baikou Yamaguchi and Shizuka Kudo, but continued to stick to his dreams and continue to make himself better. .

Now Matsushima Nanako is 47 years old, although always There will be news of her marital discord, but it seems to her that it should have little effect. Her figure and appearance are still well maintained, and her iconic smile will still appear when she appears.

In March, the media photographed Matsushima Nanako and Ryomachi Takahashi sent her daughter to school together. Both men wore white shirts and black sunglasses. Matsushima Nanako’s temperament is still very good, stand out from the crowd without looking at the face.

Matsushima Naoko also attended a premiere some time ago , That day she was wearing a long black dress with lace mesh embellishment on the outside. She stood on the stage and looked as beautiful as before, still so beautiful and elegant, and her figure was kept very well. She gave birth to a child, but she was still very slim .

But you can see that her wrinkles are more obvious, Especially eye lines, but Matsushima Nanako did not deliberately cover up, nor did she use cosmetic surgery to fight against wrinkles. She confidently revealed her current state, even if there are wrinkles she is still so beautiful.

Now that the two have separated, the president still wants them Being able to be happy and harmonious together, if they are really separated, I hope that the two can continue to make progress and become better themselves.

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