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Ai Kanghui, who has just joined China Air-to-Air Missile Research Institute, earnestly studied professional theoretical knowledge. Photo by Xie Yingping

In May this year, the People’s Daily published a list of 110 outstanding representatives who won the National Scholarship for college students, from the Changsha Aviation Vocational and Technical College Ai Kanghui, a graduate, was impressively listed. A short time later, Ai Kanghui was admitted to the China Air-to-Air Missile Research Institute, which brought her closer to her dream of being a great craftsman.

This is an inspirational story of an ordinary character. Ai Kanghui was born in Shaoyang, Hunan. He has been working hard since childhood, but has suffered a setback in the key node of his life, the college entrance examination. She was born to be strong, re-read and sprint again.

How many things in the world are worth the heart. Once again the college entrance examination, Ai Kanghui was admitted to Changsha Aviation Academy. It was from that moment on that she began to portray herself as a craftsman in a great country…

“The effort I made today is to meet a better self tomorrow”

After experiencing the failure of the college entrance examination and a year-long repetition of life, 18-year-old Ai Kanghui was admitted to the Changsha Aviation Academy. Here, she received a new nickname-“Ai Shangjin”.

Ai Kanghui’s “progressiveness” originates from his personal growth environment. At a very young age, her parents learned to be independent in order to make ends meet. She learned to be independent. Like a morning glory growing in the morning sun, she always strives towards her goal.

In life, Ai Kanghui is a straightforward girl who never deliberately hides anything. Normally, she will show her WeChat shopping and eating with friends in the circle of friends, but once she returns to the learning state, she will immediately become more authentic and present a”fighting state”.

Kang Hui is named because her parents want her to be healthy and smart. But in the college entrance examination,”smart” slipped away, and Ai Kanghui lost a”key battle.”

This result disappointed her and her family. Before the college entrance examination, the head teacher had always had high expectations for her, and felt that she was a”pick and pinch” to enter the undergraduate course. But destiny seemed to make a joke with her, and the results of the college entrance examination came out, and she was still a long way from the second line.

At the moment of knowing the results of the college entrance examination, Ai Kanghui cried on the table for a long time. This failure has troubled her for a long time. Ai Kanghui said frankly:”At that time, I have been in a state of self-denial, unable to face my family and teachers.”

Persevere or give up?

Ai Kanghui, who is born to be strong in his bones, does not want to let fate hold his throat. Encouraged by her family and teachers, she decided to repeat the year.

“It’s more difficult than ever, but it’s more motivated than ever.” Ai Kanghui, who came out of the haze of college entrance examination failure, worked harder.

“Examination military school, become a green flower in the military.” This was the goal that Ai Kanghui set for herself at the time, and it was also her driving force.

In the end, she failed. But she was fortunate to be admitted to Changsha Aviation Academy as a paramilitary worker.

Ai Kanghui began to redefine his future:since he chose the profession of military worker, he must calm down and hone himself well, learn professional knowledge and practice, and he must be able to master”unique skills”. , Also dedicated to national defense.

Since then, Ai Kanghui has found the goal of struggle and put all his energy into learning. During college, she has been”dominating” the first place in the grade, and her name is on the list of students who have won scholarships every semester.

“I am only 21 years old, how can I have a better future? The effort I made today is to meet a better self tomorrow.” Ai Kanghui said.

“Come over this mountain and others will hear your story”

If you draw Ai Kanghui’s life in the past, 2019 will definitely be her student career The year with the most fluctuations.

In 2019, Ai Kanghui won the first prize of the project”Mechanical Integration of the Vocational College Skills Competition of Hunan Province”. After receiving the news of Ai Kanghui’s award, her tutor Liu Jinrong’s face showed a gratifying smile. He is Ai Kanghui’s”Bole”. During college, Liu Jinrong discovered and nurtured her.

In multiple rounds of elimination, Ai Kanghui stood out from more than 20 players and successfully entered the final.

In the face of high-intensity preparatory training, Liu Jinrong knew in his heart that the eliminated players are often not overpowered, but lost in psychological quality. In each round of the knockout, Ai Kanghui’s performance was not high, but she has always clenched her teeth and insisted on performing the”counterattack” show again and again.

Like the plot in the inspirational movie, every night at night, only Ai Kanghui is in the big laboratory. To brave herself, she put on headphones and listened to music while doing experiments, completely immersed in her own world. In the eyes of the classmates, Ai Kanghui is too hard. It is enough to achieve 90 points for one thing. She wants to achieve full marks.

Even when she is under great pressure, she will not talk to her family and friends. A sense of loneliness always accompanies her.”Growing is to overcome loneliness.” Ai Kanghui said.

In fact, her heart is not as powerful as the outside world looks.”No matter how distressed I was yesterday, I hope to wake up and see a brand new self.” Ai Kanghui felt that life could not be as good as imagined, nor would it be so bad forever. No matter what, people must learn to be strong.

As the finals approached, Ai Kanghui felt that he had to pay more than he thought. Sometimes, in order to test a set of experimental data, she could not get the results she wanted after a busy day.

She was a little anxious. Liu Jinrong remembers that during that time, Ai Kanghui often sat in a daze on a chair.”You talked to her, but she didn’t answer a word.”

In order to strengthen Aikang Hui’s confidence, Liu Jinrong went to the laboratory to give her guidance as soon as possible, and also combed her professional knowledge summarized for many years. The key points are taught to Ai Kanghui.”Cross the mountain, others will hear your story.” Liu Jinrong encouraged her.

In the eyes of his brother Ai Kangxi, his sister is stubborn and wants to do whatever she wants. He remembers mentioning this game inadvertently, and Ai Kanghui calmly returned to him:”I chose this path, and I have to finish it when I crawl.”

Life is like water Lapse. In the following time, Ai Kanghui gradually adapted to this rhythm of work, going back and forth in the laboratory, canteen, and dormitory every day,”feeling like a high-speed rotating machine.”

The race against the clock and the power sprint are all for getting closer to the end of success. Ai Kanghui’s dedication has a perfect ending. She passed all the way in the finals and finally won the championship.

“If you want to be closer to your dreams, you only have to put in more effort and sweat”

Standing on the podium, Ai Kanghui welcomed the applause from the teachers and students of the school. Here comes the highlight moment of his life. At that moment, Ai Kanghui defeated himself.

It is this perseverance and hard work that has enabled her to reap the”Koi” of her life-hired by the China Air-to-Air Missile Research Institute.

This is an unexpected gain. Her unremitting efforts were finally recognized. The moment I heard the news, Ai Kanghui’s eyes were wet.

“Suffering is a blessing with makeup.” In her view, the past twists and turns are precious spiritual wealth on the road to growth.

In July, with the arrival of the college graduation season, Ai Kanghui bid farewell to his student career and went to a new position. She felt that she was one step closer to her dream of becoming a craftsman in a big country.

She still remembers a”Golden Blue Sky Craftsman” lecture held by the college.

On that day, Sun Hongmei, the winner of the first”Golden Blue Sky Craftsman” came to the Academy to give a presentation. At that time, Ai Kanghui was sitting under the stage, listening carefully to Sun Hongmei’s success story.”If women want to stand out in the military industry circle, they must make unimaginable efforts.” Sun Hongmei’s remarks impressed Ai Kanghui in his mind.

In the heart of Ai Kanghui, the dream of becoming a big country craftsman is more firm. But she knows that”the dream will not be realized automatically. If you want to be closer to the dream, you only have to put in more effort and sweat.”

Last December, Ai Kanghui saw about News of the 2nd”Golden Blue Sky Craftsman” selection activity. Later, she specifically searched for the stories of the”Golden Blue Sky Craftsman” winners. Those stories hit her heart across the screen, which also made her more confident in pursuing her dreams.

“What kind of work will you undertake in the military industry enterprise in the future””What will you look like in 10 years”… At the moment of receiving the employment notice, Ai Kanghui gave the job to the military enterprise My brother called to learn from him.

One time, Ai Kanghui and his brother took a bus back to their residence. A company not far away caught her attention, and she felt that there was a force attracting herself.

“Where is that place?” My brother glanced at her and said with a smile:”That is a large military enterprise, maybe it is where you will work in the future.” At that moment, Ai Kanghui felt, Having found a new starting point for chasing dreams, she also seemed to see her new look in the future.

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