Men say”I’m tired”, women with low EQ say”hard”, those with high EQ will say so

By yqqlm yqqlm

Everyone will have negative and negative energy bursts, whether it is a man or a woman, so men also have a vulnerable side. Some people hide these unhappy emotions and bring their families a sense of security and happiness, but they have to silently heal when they are alone. When a man suffers setbacks and difficulties, he is actually eager to care for his love , To love.

When one Men say”I’m tired”, usually the average woman will say”hard”, and women with high emotional intelligence will distress their men, praise them, and tell them that they are happy because of their hard work and effort. I will also accompany him, never give up, work together to make life better.

When one Men say”I’m tired”, and women with high EQ will tell him that body is more important than making money. If you are busy and tired, you should pay attention to your body. When a woman says so, she must really consider him, understand him, and hurt him. Allow him to truly feel what you care about, such as giving him a massage, pounding his back, going out to watch a movie, or making some rich and delicious dinner. Sometimes, actual actions are more real and more touching than verbal concerns.

Smart Everyone will grab the man’s heart, and the stupid woman can’t grab the man’s heart. When a man says”I’m tired”, he may want you to appear and be with him, even if he doesn’t do anything, it will be full of energy. This is probably the power of love. When a man really loves you and struggles for you, a smart woman will not quarrel, let alone or ignore his hard work.

One sentence You can touch a man. In a word, you can make a man feel cold. When chatting with a man, if he doesn’t know what to say, he has to think about it, and don’t pass through the brain. When two people are together, the most important word is”understand”. You know men, men know you, you will tolerate each other, you will not quarrel because of one thing, one sentence.