Miller:Only FPX can threaten TES RNG who lacks C

By ddzyx

After the two BO3 games of LPL on the evening of July 3, LPL commented that Miller also replayed this during the live broadcast In the two games, after the rematch, Miller chatted with the audience in the live broadcast about the current LPL teams, mainly talking about the top eight teams, and some teams with more attention, take a look How did he analyze it!

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First of all, for the FPX team, Miller believes that FPX is the only team that can threaten TES. If TES is a T0 team, then FPX is a T0.5 team. He is right FPX is quite confident.

For the SN team, Miller said:SN may be the dark horse of this season, the key depends on the play of Nakano. They are very stable in the lower lane. As long as Ueno increases the upper limit, they can threaten the top four.

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For the IG team, Miller’s opinion is:IG and FPX have a lower FPX lower limit than IG Many, but the upper limit of IG is much higher than FPX. IG has won 2-1 in the last four games, and their stability is still not enough. Recently, IG is better. Ning is particularly good. Theshy has continued to rise since playing LGD, but it still feels like it has not returned to the peak. But as long as theshy and ning come up, IG will not be worse no matter how bad it is. Theshy and ning determine the high limit of IG.

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WE’s words were favored by Miller. He said:Many people in WE are playing LPL for the first year, and now this result is already very good. I am looking forward to them playing on the world stage. Even if they did not play in the World Championships this year, I believe that as long as they have the same staff next year, they will play better next year. They are already a very successful LPL rebuilding club, and they have played very well. As we said before, the foundation of RNG is UZI, the foundation of IG is 3C, the foundation of WE is the old dream and missing, and the five people of WE merge Very good. Teacher Ma’s hero pool need not be particularly worried. This is only the first year of his career. They will be stronger next year.

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Then V5 ranked second in LPL. Miller is not particularly optimistic about V5. The reason he gave is:Although V5 is now second, I feel that they can’t play FPX at all. . Now I feel that V5 is a bit like the estar of the spring season. It is still a little bit that they can enter the world competition. They can compete for the best newcomers.

For the TES that has not yet achieved a defeat, Miller said:TES is too strong online, and the jungle is also very strong. It is really difficult to win TES. Now I can’t see the problem. Wait until they lose to know the problem.

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Finally, there are EDG and RNG, which have recently been in poor condition. Miller said:The replacement of RNG and EDG It is not as firm as WE, or the effect is not so good. The biggest problem of the two teams is the lack of carry points. RNG is Xiaohu when playing Zhongye, and Cryin is also playing like this, but Give Cryin a better brush hero. In fact, RNG can be stocked, get tool tools for betty, and let Nosuke take the rhythm. EDG is similar, no one stands up at the critical moment, wait for Hope to return, he is now the only thigh of EDG.

So, what do you want to say about Miller’s evaluation of the LPL teams?

Source:Beta watching the game