MIUI has undergone a major revision of the internal test, a new card style is launched, and the stowaway bag is coming

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Recommended today:MIUI12 internal test new version negative one screen

Applicable:MIUI12 stable version/development version/internal test version

Recently, Xiaomi’s smartphone assistant has been added to the MIUI internal testing application. The so-called intelligent assistant is actually the negative screen we often say. Not long after the internal test was launched, netizens shared the new version of the internal test package. The new version was replaced with a new card style. Xiaolei also liked it very much after the update. Today, I will share the internal test package with everyone.

First come Looking at the comparison, the following are screenshots before and after the update. You can see that the UI interface has undergone major changes. The new card similar to the desktop widget looks more concise and beautiful, and the background is changed from white to transparent.

Left:old version, right:new version

More detailed pictures, each part can be adjusted according to personal preference.

At the same time, MIUI12’s linear animation has also been added for smooth operation.

After small After using Lei for two days, I found it very easy to use. It has matured in all aspects and no bugs have been found. It is highly recommended that Xiaomi users upgrade. If you need a package, you can get the download link according to the figure below.

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It should be noted that This internal beta package belongs to the MIUI12 application, whether it is a stable version, a development version, or an internal beta version, but MIUI11 cannot be installed.

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