More and more Republicans are”turning black”:prefer to vote for sandwiches instead of Trump

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As the US elections are drawing nearer, the two main presidential candidates, the current president Trump and former vice president Bye Teng also started an offensive to gain the support of voters. But from the current situation, it is indeed difficult for Trump to seek re-election.

According to the British Guardian’s report on July 14, local time, the &34;anti-Trump&34; team is growing , but this time, joined All are Republicans in the same camp as Trump.

Special Ramp is too dangerous for the United States

The Guardian interviewed a pastor from Arizona, USA. This pastor named Kevin is a life-long voter of the Republican Party. Four years ago, he voted for Trump without hesitation. Kevin described that he was full of hope for the future at that time.

Although he knows that Trump lacks the necessary ruling experience compared to other candidates, Kevin at the time was still optimistic that Trump could quickly adapt to this new role.

But now, Kevin’s view of Trump has changed dramatically, Trump is trying to split the United States, Kevin emphasized that the situation is not his What I want should not be owned by the United States. Trump is absolutely dangerous to this country.

Ning Ke Vote for Tuna Sandwich

In the Republican Party, there has already appeared a &34; against Trump & 34; organization that has the same experience as Kevin, and they all voted for Trang in 2016 Pu, and then quickly realized that he voted the wrong person. Their goal is to oust Trump from power later this year. Now the organization is launching a testimony call for former Trump voters on its official website.

In this solicitation, the organization collected a quotation that it considers to be the best so far, the former voter wrote, &34;Vote to Trump again Before, I would vote for the tuna sandwich. &34;

The organization’s co-founder and Republican adviser Longwell said, In recent months, they have collected hundreds of testimonies.

Special Ramp looks like a devil

Farmer from Massachusetts said he voted for Trump in 2016 just because he didn’t like another presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. But now he describes Trump as &34;Tasmanian demon&34; (a mammal mainly distributed in Australia, the scientific name is the badger, because its sound image is irritated The donkey screamed, and the Europeans took the nickname), Because Trump would only complain on his personal social platform, not do his job.

Longwell believes that if Trump continues to rule Will have a negative impact on the future of the Republican Party. To some extent, Trump hijacked the Republican Party and poisoned the country.