More than 350 elephants died in Botswana in succession

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According to the British”Guardian” reported on July 1, a large-scale elephant”mystery” has recently appeared in the southern African country of Botswana Death. They either suddenly fell to the ground and died quickly, or they slowly wobbled around and died slowly. In just over a month, at least 350 elephants have died in such bizarre ways. Scientists call it a”disaster of elephant protection”.

It is reported that the continuous deaths occurred as early as early in May in the Okavango Delta in the northern part of the country. By the end of May, the total number of dead elephants reached 169. By mid-June, this data had nearly doubled. According to local people who did not wish to disclose their identity, the strange thing is that 70%of the serial deaths occurred near the water source. Local witnesses said that some elephants walked around before death, which may be”a sign of damage to the nervous system.”

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the An elephant carcass in a mass death. According to the Guardian newspaper

“This is a large-scale, long-term, large-scale death that has not occurred. Apart from the abnormal drought, I don’t know what other factors can cause this scale of death.”Dr. Nair McCann, director of the British charity organization National Park Rescue, is also puzzled by the current situation.”If you look closely at the corpses, you will find that some of them fell directly face down. Yes, it means they die very fast. Others die a little slower, just like those who can go around in circles before they die. So, it’s hard to tell which kind of toxin caused this death.”

Report It is said that there are both male and female elephants in this large-scale death of elephants, and their age covers all ages. Some surviving elephants also look weak, which means”more deaths in the coming weeks.” In addition, environmentalists also pointed out that because some elephant carcasses may be difficult to find, the actual number of deaths may be higher.

At present, the Botswana government has not done sample testing, and the cause of the elephant’s death is unclear. It is not yet clear whether this strange phenomenon threatens human health. Some analysis pointed out that toxins or unknown viruses are two possible main causes of death.

Bacillus anthracis was previously considered to be the most likely cause, but it has now been ruled out. Zimbabwe poachers’ most commonly used cyanide is also one of the possibilities. But locals said that those scavengers did not die from poisoning or abnormal behavior. The new coronavirus has also been considered as one of the possibilities, but scientists believe this is”unlikely”.

Dr. McCann said,”If it is a natural death phenomenon, there is no precedent to achieve such a large scale.” He also said that without testing, the true cause of death may never be known.”When such a large-scale death occurs in a region close to human settlements, the government has not yet sent samples to a reliable laboratory. Unbelievable.”

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Some dead elephants in the Okavango Delta. According to the Guardian

It is reported that in Africa, about one-third of the elephants live in Botswana, and 10%of them live in the Okavango Delta in the country, with a total of about 15,000 heads. . Ecotourism contributes 10 to 12%of Botswana’s GDP, second only to the diamond industry. Therefore, elephants are also regarded as”diamonds walking in the Okavango Delta”.

Mary Rice, executive director of the Environmental Investigation Agency, a British environmental protection organization, emphasized that samples should be quickly sent to credible laboratories for testing, to confirm the problem, and then to take appropriate measures in a timely manner Initiatives.”This urgent matter has never been completed, and at the same time watching more and more elephants die one after another, the current situation is deeply worrying.” Rice said.

Cyril Doule, director of the Botswana Wildlife and National Park, responded to the Guardian that he was informed of the deaths of elephants, and among the 350 elephants reported, 280 of them were confirmed to have died. The rest is still being confirmed.”We have sent the samples for inspection, and the results should be released in the next few weeks.” Tao Le pointed out that the new coronary pneumonia epidemic has affected global and local transportation.”We are coming out of the epidemic, so we are also Send the samples to the laboratory for testing.” But he refused to disclose which laboratory the samples were sent to.

At present, there are no reports of similar elephant deaths in the neighboring countries of Botswana. In addition, it is worth noting that the elephant who died bizarrely this time was not taken away. Environmentalists urge relevant local government departments to guard these elephant carcasses and avoid being taken away by poachers.

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