“Mother-in-law, without me, you will have no place to live.”

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Some people are alive and there are many people you can count on. You can maintain your relationship with these people and you can live well.

Some people are alive, and there are only a few people who can count on it. If even the only ones who can count on are poorly maintained, it will inevitably lead to a bleak life.

Which one can live above depends largely on yourself:

If you started to manage yourself a long time ago, manage your relationship with those around you You can live as the former, and there will be many people you can count on. In this way, in your later years, you can’t be old and helpless.

If you think of managing yourself and the relationship with the people around you at a very old age, then you can only live as the latter, and only a few sporadic people can count on you. You must maintain your relationship with those people, otherwise in the later years, you will not escape the bleak end of the evening scene.

Sadly, some people have no self-knowledge and don’t understand themselves clearly. They have already become the second kind of people mentioned above, but they have also played the life of being a demon, and the result came to an end. The evil consequences of”desolate evening scenes” can only be tasted by yourself.

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The following reader mentioned the situation mentioned above when talking about her aunt. After her aunt ruined her son’s marriage, it was like losing someone you can count on. Let’s take a look at the bleak ending of the evening scene, let’s take a look together:

『My aunt, although her sons and daughters are full, but can’t escape the bleak end of the evening scene, the reason is distressing, the biggest problem is her own It can be said that this is the evil result of her own demon.

Of course, the desolate evening scene here is not to say that she is alone and helpless, but that, compared to normal families, she has no children to accompany. Moreover, she felt the desolation of the evening scene, which was more desolate than others said she was desolate in the evening scene.

In this state, she often talks about her daughter-in-law before, and always regrets:”If my son didn’t divorce her, it would be nice if they didn’t divorce. She was taking care of me by my side.”

When a person finally paid for his mistakes, he realized what mistakes he had made and regretted it. This is really a thing It’s a sad thing.

The reason why she wanted to break up her son’s marriage was because she thought her daughter-in-law was poor and had low education, and felt that the daughter-in-law was not worthy of her son, so she was a demon all day and bullied her daughter all day long. Later, he blatantly forced his daughter-in-law to divorce, and asked his son to divorce and marry again.

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The reason why she was so arrogant at the time was because of her daughter’s Not married, the son is still young, I feel that everything can be destroyed.

However, the result is very different from what she thought.

After my cousin divorced, although he was remarried, he married a foreign wife. He did not get married in his hometown. He married directly in a foreign country and settled in a foreign country.

After my cousin also married far away, at this time, my aunt had no son to rely on, but at this point, she already felt desolate.

Although her son and daughter did not turn her face, she still has filial piety, but filial piety alone is useless. I usually just call to greet and only go home once a year. This way of doing filial piety does not satisfy my aunt, but she has nothing to do.

Recognizing that this is the only way, and when she can only be bleak at night, she remembered what the previous daughter-in-law said to her when she divorced:”Mother-in-law, without me, you will be old!” p>

The daughter-in-law before her dare to say this because she thinks longer than my aunt, she can think of my cousin who can’t stay, will marry someone sooner or later, and will leave her mother-in-law; she I can think of my ex-husband not staying in my hometown after my divorce. But my first aunt didn’t think about it. It was too late until I really got to this point. 』

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Whether a woman marries far away or whether a man marries and settles in a foreign country depends on two things:one is that the relationship with the parents is deep and shallow; the other is that the relationship with the lover is The depth is shallow.

If both loves are deep, it is often difficult to choose. But if one is obviously better than the other, for example, feelings with a lover are better than feelings with a parent, then they will leave their parents.

From this perspective, the children of the first aunt of the reader above all choose to live in the field, more or less, they will have some opinions about her aunt, and the relationship between them is not so deep, so it will be Leave the parents to go to the field.

And this is the problem we mentioned at the beginning:For her aunt, there are only a handful of people that she can count on, but she has not maintained it. First, she drove away her daughter-in-law, Then the children are lost, so the night scene will inevitably be bleak.

This kind of problem, everyone will face it sooner or later, so we need to consider the consequences in advance:first recognize how many people you can count on, and then recognize who you should maintain a good relationship with, Only when the relationship is good and the relationship is good can others continue to be your dependence. This kind of thing is no better than other things. Other things can be recovered after they are lost. Once the relationship between people is lost, they will never be recovered. The only thing left for you is regret.

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How many people can you count on until now?