NBA rematch”requires money but not life”:isolation is like a play, food and accommodation annoy players

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Peng Mei journalist Ma Zuoyu, intern Hu Jie

Harris Barnes tested positive for nucleic acid, Westbrook was positive, and two players in the quarantine area were diagnosed and forced to leave… The closer to restart Days, the more difficult the NBA’s rematch journey.

22 teams are concentrated in the Disney World in Orlando, which looks colorful to outsiders, but in fact there are a lot of internal problems.

Poor food, less entertainment facilities, slow Internet speed…Although the NBA has begun to improve the living conditions of the quarter-finals, the most worrying thing is the epidemic-after all, the signs of the new crown virus are already in Appears in isolation.

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“Emperor” Embiid arrives in Orlando.

“Ask for money, not life, Orlando, we’re here”

On July 10, when the 76ers went to Orlando, Embiid showed up In addition to his own”admission equipment”-white coat, white 9-point pants, white sneakers, plus medical gloves. Former teammate Covington’s comment is quite classic:”It’s a bit like a professional engaged in pharmacy research.”

However, Bianbid’s outfit is more interesting because he is on social media The passage that was written-“If you want money, not life, Orlando, here we come!”

This sentence is the current status of the NBA rematch.

According to CNN, 21 players in the NBA have been infected with the new crown since July. After arriving at the park, there were two players who tested positive. In addition, Westbrook and Harris Barnes, who did not enter the park, also tested positive.

Outside of Disney World, Orlando’s epidemic is not optimistic. Florida has become a”severely hit area”, Governor Sandys also said amazingly-“12,000 cases were added in a single day, the situation is good, I believe the epidemic has entered a stable period…”

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Previous Harden, who was reportedly diagnosed with a new crown, also arrived at Disney on the 15th.

Because of this, the NBA has to adopt stricter anti-epidemic measures-Starting June 24th, the league will conduct a”two-day” mandatory virus test on the rematch teams. When the team arrives at the camp, they will be quarantined in the room until they are tested negative for two consecutive new coronaviruses before they can engage in basketball-related activities.

In contrast, journalists who go to Orlando to cover the rematch must undergo stricter epidemic prevention inspections.”We have to be quarantined for 7 days after we arrive, and the quarantine can only be lifted if we test negative for 7 times, because we are on a regular flight.” ESPN reporter Marika Andrews explained the reason,”The players are chartered, as long as they are quarantined Two days and two negative tests are enough.”

In addition, in order to reduce the risk of the epidemic, entertainment measures within Disney are also restricted, such as playing table tennis can not double, golf can not match Caddy, throw away the poker after playing it, and then play with new cards…

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The segregated food that Troy Daniels has exposed.

Eat poorly and live poorly

In addition to epidemic prevention, players who are used to a good life can’t stand Disney’s living conditions.

“I don’t have a window in Disney’s room.” The Nuggets’ Millsap dissatisfaction in an interview is already a relatively”gentle” expression.

Rondo who just suffered a finger fracture and expected to stop for 6-8 weeks, directly put Disney’s Accommodation conditions are likened to a”car hotel”, which is a very simple express hotel.

However, in the face of JR Smith, who is better at voicing than IQ, these are nothing. JR Smith, who just got a contract from the Lakers, turned into a”live web celebrity” shortly after arriving in the park and recorded the scene of Disney’s rematch with a lens-the room has only two pillows, no quilt, and the taste of snacks issued during isolation Not good… It seems that every facility is full of problems.

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Hotel room taken by Lakers player Rondo.

With the”All-Star” speech, JR Smith became the”first person” to be warned by the league before the start of the semi-finals without playing a game and entering the park within 24 hours”.

“Hey, buddy, they are very angry with me, and I am leaving. I just received a text message saying that I have exposed too much content in the live broadcast, and I must go offline.” When JR Smith confronted netizens When saying this, I don’t know what expression LeBron James has become a teammate again.

In addition to living conditions, food has also become another focus of player criticism.

The ability to vomit is not inferior to that of JR Smith’s Embiid.”I will definitely lose 45 pounds by eating these things.” Tucao is not happy,”Emperor” is accompanied by a picture of himself many years ago,”This is me who ended the rematch.

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Embiid said that he finished eating Disney The food is estimated to be skinny.

The more interesting story is yet to come-Kings’ Holmes once supported the organizer:”I saw reports of players complaining about food, I just want to say that I feel good at Disney, thank you for giving We provide these foods.”

My mouth says”Thank you”, but his body is very honest-three days later, Holmes walked out of the closed area because he took out the food”without looking back”. The alliance demands re-isolation…

The”reverse fragrant” operation of Holmes even attracted the ridicule of the mother:”You missed the regulations because you missed the food made by your mother. Takeaway. But your mother is not in Florida at this moment.”

Of course, the league cannot watch these farce happen and ignore them. They cooperated with Sean Lowen, who was the chef of the US Olympic men’s basketball team, to provide catering services for the camp. The team can send a person in charge of food and beverage to join Lowen’s team to improve the meal plan.

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Embiid’s diet.

Poor accommodation and little entertainment? Then do it yourself

If you say that the poor taste of catering can be improved by the chef; then, the well-equipped accommodation and entertainment settings can only be enriched by the players themselves .

For most NBA players who are usually used to freedom and immersed in entertainment outside of the game, in the Disney closed game for 3 months, relying on table tennis and a few playing cards is”live” Not down”. Since then, many players have moved their entertainment equipment into the semi-final park.

For example, when the Suns’ Ayton arrived at the quarter-finals, he was holding a large display. The Pelican player Josh Hart also showed off his game equipment at Disney and emphasized in the article-“Necessities”.

As the”E-sports Pioneer” in the league, the Heat’s Leonard naturally did not want to be outdone. He directly moved all the game equipment at home into the hotel, and directly converted the room into electricity. Competing for”black Internet cafes”. The Magic’s Vucevic is also very simple, transforming the room into a racing simulation training room.

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East Qiqi Tucao network speed.

But sitting in the game room, the bad network makes them suffer even more.

Lone Ranger core Dong Qiqi vomited the hotel’s network speed:”16 hours… WIFI is great!” In the picture he provided, he was installing for himself FIFA20 game, but after 16 hours have passed, the installation progress is only 43%.

Discovered that the players are not satisfied with the network, Disney immediately made adjustments. A few days later, the Fox of the Kings said in an interview that the speed of the wireless network in the closed zone has been significantly improved compared to before.

In fact, wireless networks are just the needs of the”gaming school”. For the”health school”, they only need to be undisturbed in their remodeled room.

For example, Celtic player Jaylen Brown directly brought a portable high-pressure sleep cabin to help him sleep better and recover better.”Shoe King” Tucker brought more than 60 pairs of beloved sneakers and an 85-inch LCD TV. I don’t know whether he is going to cook a drama or use the TV to enlarge and appreciate each pair of his own sneakers.

In fact, it’s not an exaggeration to bring a bed and a TV. The Clippers’ Harel brought a portable sauna device directly to Orlando in order to be able to stick to his own after the game. Health habits.

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Grizzly player Josh Jackson said that there was only one piece of chicken in the lunch box and he was not full.

The list of diagnoses is getting longer and longer, how to balance freedom and epidemic prevention?

Whether it is accommodation, food or internet speed, it is actually a small matter that affects the progress of the rematch. It is really a headache for the league. After all, it continues to spread.

On the day before Harden arrived at Disney in Orlando, his partner Westbrook announced on social media that he had contracted new pneumonia.

On the 15th, Harris Barnes, the king’s striker core, also tested positive for nucleic acids. Although he said”I am asymptomatic and in good health”, he is still in isolation and it is still unknown whether he can catch up with the team before the rematch.

There is also Jokic who has previously been infected with the new crown. Although he has recovered from the new crown and arrived at Orlando Disney, but for health reasons, the Nuggets have not allowed the head star to resume training temporarily. Qi today just watched his teammates training on the sidelines.

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James masked training.

In the NBA rematch plan, Disney is an”isolated bubble”, but the in and out of confirmed cases makes this”bubble” seem to be on the verge of breaking.

On these two days, the NBA and the Players Union jointly issued a statement that after conducting a new crown virus test on the first 322 NBA players entering the park, the test results of two players were positive. The two have left Disney for home isolation.

But in this case, two players who were in the quarter-finals were found to leave the closed area without permission, one was Holmes who took out food, and the other was Brazilian player Bruno Capocolo.

After being discovered, Capocolo repeatedly emphasized that he did not know, but an NBA staff member said:”He should know, this is not a secret.” Therefore, Capo Clo was asked to be kept in the room for another 8 days before he could resume training.

Two cases were positive, and two cases were illegally segregated… The rematch tour in front of the NBA is much more difficult than expected. Freedom and epidemic prevention, how should the NBA balance?

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