Neuer:Teammates are happy for Sane’s joining Bayern can cope with the rapid sprint of pharmaceutical players

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Live broadcast July 3rd, Beijing time, July 5th at 2 am, this season’s German Cup final will be in Held at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, the opponents are from the first division, Bayern Munich and Leverkusen. In the semifinals, Bayern defeated Frankfurt 2-1 and Leverkusen defeated Saarbrücken 3-0. Before the game, Bayern captain Neuer said at a news conference that the stadium atmosphere for this year’s German Cup finals (due to empty games) was somewhat different.

First of all, Neuer talked about the final scene affected by the epidemic prevention measures of the new coronavirus:” Of course, the appearance of the Berlin Olympic Stadium will be slightly different from what we imagined. Usually, the atmosphere here in the German Cup final will be very special.” This season is Bayern’s third consecutive season to reach the German Cup final. Last year, They won the German Cup in Berlin.

Speaking of the German international who has just joined BayernSané, Neuer said:”I hope, Sané is In the future, we can also win the German Cup with Bayern. As Bayern players, we are all happy that Sanne will play alongside us next season.” Bayern coach Flick added:”Yes, for Sa We are very happy to join in, but at present we need to focus on this final.”

Bayern’s opponent in the finalLe Volkusen, this season’s performance is relatively good, they are only 2 points difference, failed to score in Bundesliga The list squeezed into the Champions League qualification zone. Speaking of this excellent opponent, Neuer said:”For us, it is clear that we have a fast-moving back line. Not only are the starting players in the Leverkusen team very fast, even their substitute players All of them have excellent sprint speed. We know this well. However, they also know the offensive firepower of the Bayern attack group. For us, we will adjust our own relevant tactics according to the specific conditions of the game.”

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