New coronavirus detected in wastewater from Paris, France

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The French newspaper Le Monde reported on the 8th that recently, researchers’ test results on Paris wastewater samples showed that new coronavirus has Signs are coming again. At the same time, the infection rate of the new coronavirus has increased in some provinces of the Île-de-France region where Paris is located, but it is too early to judge the rebound of the outbreak.

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Reports show that the researchers tested 12 wastewater samples collected on June 22-25, of which 6 samples detected trace amounts of new coronavirus. The following week, the researchers conducted the test again, and the results were the same as before.

In mid to late April, trace amounts of new coronavirus were found in the non-potable water system used to clean streets and watering parks in Paris, and traces of new coronavirus were detected in 4 of 27 sampling points. Subsequently, the Paris municipal government shut down part of the water supply system. No new coronavirus was detected in the sampling conducted in mid-May, which is basically consistent with the trend of the French epidemic.

After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in France, local researchers continued to monitor the content of new crown virus in wastewater. By analyzing the samples collected from March 5 to April 23, the researchers found that The detected level of new coronavirus is correlated with the number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia.

The French Academy of Medical Sciences issued a communiqué on July 7 that suggested systematic monitoring of wastewater to better understand the spread of the new coronavirus. (Reporter Lu Qian)