“New Crown Party” farce is frequent, American experts scream:really can’t go, it will be dead

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Americans love to join in a lively group party. But when the epidemic in the United States was so serious, some people even organized a”new crown party”, which was surprising.

Recently, a series of similar farces and tragedies have been reported in the American media-many Americans, especially young people, disregarded serious epidemics and epidemic prevention requirements, organized large-scale parties or parties, and even some people were suspected of engaging in”New Crown Gambling Party””, has led to multiple incidents of contagious infections.

Regarding this, American experts have given science popularization and screamed in the media-“New Crown Party” cannot go! Don’t deliberately get sick!

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On July 12, people cool off on the beach in Santa Monica, a coastal city in California, United States. Xinhua News Agency/Midland

“I was wrong, I thought this was a scam”

One of the most”swipe screens” The”New Crown Party” incident occurred in southern Texas, one of the new”severely hit areas” in the United States recently.

Jan Appleby, chief medical officer of a hospital in San Antonio, Texas, introduced the media to a case in his hospital—a 30-year-old man thought the new crown epidemic was a “scam”. I deliberately participated in a party with patients with new crowns, and wanted to test whether the new crown epidemic situation is true or false.

As a result, he was not only infected with the new coronavirus, but also eventually died.

The man said to his nurse before his death:“I was wrong, I thought it was a scam, but it was not.”

More It is outrageous that according to US media reports, the United States even appeared an upgraded version of the”New Crown Party”-“New Crown Gaming”, a group of people participated in a”New Crown Party”, betting money to see who can be infected with the new crown virus first .

Sonia McKinster, a government official in Tuscaloosa, Southern Alabama, told the media on July 1 that local college students organized parties and used the new crown epidemic to gamble.

They gather money together and take the bonus if they get infected first. They do it deliberately and without reason.” McKinster said.

The Tuscaloosa Fire Chief Randy Smith also confirmed McKinster’s statement. He said that in the past few weeks, organizers of several parties have invited newly diagnosed patients to participate.

The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa subsequently issued a statement saying that it had taken note of the report,”I hope that our students can protect themselves and the health of others on campus and in the city.”

There are also questions from the American media that there is not enough evidence to suggest that people attending these parties are intentionally infected with the new coronavirus. The so-called”gambling” may be an accident.

However, in the case that the number of confirmed cases and deaths of the new crown in the United States remains the first in the world, and the first wave of epidemics has not been controlled, it is to yourself to engage in parties and gatherings without protection. 3. Be irresponsible to others.

According to the analysis of the Assistant Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services Brett Girovare, an important reason for the recent local outbreaks in southern and western states is that groups under the age of 35 do not wear masks to gather or fail to maintain Social distancing.

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On July 3rd, people participated in the Independence Day fireworks display in front of the National Memorial of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, USA. Xinhua News Agency/Reuters

This is tradition?

This is really different from the”chickenpox party”!

“New York Times” senior medical and health reporter Donald McNeil predicted in April this year that some people may hope to obtain immunity to the new corona virus as soon as possible, and it is not ruled out that someone will take advantage of Meetings and other opportunities to deliberately contract the disease.

Forbes magazine published the popular science article”This is why you should not go to the”New Crown Party”” by Robert Grat, MD. He analyzed in the article that the logic of some people engaging in the”New Crown Party” may be similar to that of the”chickenpox party” in the past. In short, this is to gain immunity.”If you get over it, you will be fine.”

In the 1990s, before the varicella vaccine had entered the United States, some parents held a “chickenpox party” to deliberately allow children to play with children with chickenpox to get chickenpox and thus get immunized. In order to avoid the risk of more serious and fatal complications of varicella after adulthood. In addition, there have been”party parties” for other infectious diseases such as”cold party”.

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On July 11, tourists wear masks to line up outside the Magic Kingdom theme park at Walt Disney World in Orlando, USA. Xinhua News Agency/Agence France

However, Glatt warned that the new coronavirus and chickenpox are really not the same thing, and active infection with the new coronavirus means more uncertainty. Attending the”New Crown Party” will bring”unnecessary risks”, including respiratory failure, heart disease, stroke, chest tightness, and difficulty breathing. “It may take your life, you must keep this in mind.”

Greta Ball, a professor of virology at Western Canada University, wrote that at present Little is known about the harm of New Coronavirus and New Coronary Pneumonia to the body, and active infection with New Coronavirus will bring unknown risks to itself.

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