New regulations for US student visas provoke public anger

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China News, July 14th, comprehensive report, 13th local time, including the United States Massachusetts Attorney General Mora· The Attorney Generals of 17 states including Washington and Washington, DC filed a lawsuit in the Boston Federal Court to sue the Trump administration’s new rules for foreign students. The new regulation stipulates that international students cannot stay in the US if they only take online courses during the fall semester this year.

According to reports, the lawsuit requests to stop the entire new regulations from taking effect. The lawsuit claims that the new regulations have caused significant damage to the US economy because it has prevented tens of thousands of international students from settling in the United States and has prevented them from finding jobs in fields such as science, technology, healthcare, business and finance, and education.

Healy said that the new coronavirus has had a huge impact in the United States, and the expulsion of international students during this period was”cruel, sudden and illegal.” She also pointed out that the Trump administration did not take into account the huge cost and administrative burden of school adjustment programs and certification of students.

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Information map:On May 15, local time, Mills High School in San Mateo County, Northern California, USA ushered in a special graduation season. The picture shows the school staff farewell graduates. China News Agency reporter Liu Guanguan photo

It is expected that the court will make a ruling before July 15, which is the deadline for the school to submit the autumn curriculum plan to the federal government.

The report pointed out that on the 13th, many college students held a protest rally outside the State Capitol in Boston. Boston and Los Angeles, together with 24 other American cities, also submitted a statement in support of the lawsuit against the new regulations for international students. In addition, dozens of universities, including Boston University, expressed support for this.

Most schools believe that the new regulations “the real motivation is not related to ensuring that students take a ‘complete study course’ or protecting the integrity of the student visa program.” Instead, the purpose is to”encourage the school to reopen.”

The lawsuit is reportedly directed against the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE ) Filed. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Bureau is responsible for the issuance of student visas.

Previously, Harvard University and MIT first filed a lawsuit to prevent the rule. Neither college has plans to open face-to-face courses in the fall semester.