New York Chinese manicure shop resumes work:installing isolation board, comprehensive protection of control flow

By ddzyx

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The Chinese manicure shop resumes full defense, and the heavy gold is equipped with isolation boards to control the flow of people. (Provided by Yang Danny of the”World Daily” in the United States)

China Overseas Chinese Network, July 2nd, according to the report of the”World Daily” in the United States, New York Non-key industries in the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic were ordered to suspend business, and nail salon operators who will restart in the third phase are also open for appointments, hoping to resume their old business as soon as possible; stores also said that reopening needs to be strict In addition to checking the flow of people in the store and disinfection procedures, installing protective plates in the nail table and foot-washing rooms is the key to winning back the guest’s confidence. Even if there is no income for more than three months after the business is closed, it will spend a lot of money to achieve comprehensive protection.

Yang Danny, who has operated a nail salon for more than ten years in Nassau Country, Long Island, New York, said that nail artists and customers also need to be in close contact, which is a high-risk industry for new coronary pneumonia. After the spread in March, ten employees in the store agreed to close the business early; however, for more than three months after closing the store, Yang Danni had applied for a”Pay Protection Loan Program” (PPP), but he also said that it was still difficult to recruit all employees And pay the outstanding rent.

Yang Danny said that due to the large space in the store, eight nail tables and eight foot washing tables can be placed. As long as the anti-epidemic preparations such as flow prevention and control are prepared, guests will be confident after the reopening Backflow;”In addition to the protective panels on the manicurist and consumer partitions, we also install protective panels between the seats of customers and customers side by side to ensure the safety of all employees and shoppers,” he said, even if the economy is tight, we are still willing to It costs tens of thousands of yuan to install protective plates, purchase a large number of disposable foot wash towels, masks, alcohol spray and dry cleaning hand lotion. The nail salons are fiercely competitive. The best protection is needed to allow guests to enter the store for consumption.