New York State’s new crown death toll exceeds 25,000 Governor:Can’t go back to hell

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【Report from Qiaobao.com】According to the data released by the New York State government, New York State added a new crown to confirm the diagnosis on July 14th 831 For example, the total number of diagnoses reached 40,4006; 9 new deaths and a total of 25,003 deaths; 11 new hospitalizations, and 831 hospitalizations. New York City has 366 newly diagnosed cases, with a total of 219,982 diagnosed cases. The number of people tested in New York State reached 63,598 on July 14, and as of noon on July 15, New York State has tested 4,848,525 people.

According to PIX11, New York Governor Ge Mo announced on Wednesday, July 15 that New York State died of New Crown Virus The number of people exceeds 25,000, and the total number reaches 25,003. Although the benchmark index is frustrating, daily data from New York State shows that the epidemic appears to continue to be under control.

Ge Mo said in a statement that New Yorkers have made significant changes to reduce the infection rate, which can be seen from the numbers every day, but people must continue to maintain the existing epidemic prevention Measures, wear a mask, maintain social distance, and wash hands frequently. Both should play a role in protecting what New York State has achieved.

The New York epidemic peaked in April. (Associated Press)

On Tuesday, New York reported that 11 new patients with new coronary pneumonia were admitted to hospital. This number increased slightly, bringing the total number of hospitalizations to 831. However, the number of patients in the intensive care unit decreased by 2 to 165, while the number of patients undergoing intubation in New York State has decreased by 7 to 94.

Ge Mo said:”We can not go back to the hell three months ago. So please be vigilant, New York must be strong.”

Suffolk County on Long Island reported more than 100 new cases This is the first case since May. On Tuesday, the county added 102 new cases, and the diagnosis rate increased by 2%.

New York City Changbai Sihao said he will announce when New York City will enter the reopening stage next Monday Four stages. He said that this may be different from what some people hope, and some things may not be ready. It is unclear what this means for indoor dining and school reopening.