New York Times:Why do Americans not oust the president? Before the outbreak, the United States was already sick

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According to overseas reports, as of 13:00 on July 15, Beijing time, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of the new crown in the United States reached 3545077 cases, and a total of 139143 deaths. More desperate is that the epidemic has not been suppressed in the United States, and the number of new additions of more than 10,000 is constantly refreshing the record every day.

How long will the new American nightmare continue?

On July 14, the torture of the soul was initiated in an article reported by the New York Times.

Countries are gradually returning to normal

The New York Times article wrote, If you are lucky to be in New Zealand The new nightmare nightmare has basically ended since June. The government plans to no new additions for more than two weeks, and all restrictions will be lifted.

Although the border is still closed, the interior of this country has already been restored to its former vitality.

Other countries are also returning to normal life one after another.

Italy, which was once the epidemic center of Europe, is now slowly easing, and entertainment venues such as bars are gradually opening up, and tourists are gradually increasing. But American tourists are prohibited from visiting.

Stolen by Trump Two years of walking

What does America look like in comparison?

According to the average population, the worst outbreak in the world is the United States. The United States used to be a country counted by countless people, but now there are only dozens of them The country will allow Americans to enter, and the United States has suffered humiliation before the world.

Georgetown University professor of global health law, Lawrence Gostin, said, &34; Don’t expect Americans to live any longer before the summer of 2022 Normal. In the two years of our life, it was just stolen by Donald Trump. &34;

The US government tried Looking for &34;Scapegoat&34;

In the United States, which continues to fall into unrestrained epidemic life, demonstrations and racism have begun to proceed simultaneously, and the measures taken by the US government are actually Initiating a public relations battle with the top disease expert Anthony Fudge, trying to persuade news organizations not to believe his judgment.

The New York Times said that Since Foch has expressed increasing concerns about the surge of new crown cases across the country, he has been treated as a political enemy . Not only that, Trump also weakened the credibility of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and described the harm of New Crown Virus as a whole lie.

These ignorant ideas push people to the abyss again, and for that, The New York Times appeals to the American public, Initiate resistance and report Trump from office together.

A good hand Sparse

An international expert group maintaining the Global Health Security Index made a report assessing the pandemic preparedness of all countries in the world. No one can match it.

But the new coronavirus shows us that if the government cannot release the capacity of the health system quickly and continuously, it is useless alone.

For a long time, the United States has been claiming to be a world-giant giant, but this disaster has made people see the reality.

The New York Times said that No one actually called for the president to resign, which may be too helpless.

Americans could have expressed their voice through the governor and mayor, exercising their right to replace the &34;incompetent&34; president,but they did not, because the nationals &34;Sick&34;.

< p>The Americans who were deeply affected by the epidemic only wanted to live, but now even if they escape the infection with the new coronavirus, they still have no jobs and cannot survive in a society with no income.

If the New Crown Virus is a natural disaster, then the Republicans’ loyalty to Trump is a complete human disaster.