No. 1 in the world, their contribution is indispensable

By yqqlm yqqlm

Dadongxiang Fight Club, as one of the most popular fighting clubs in China, always takes”cultivating fighting talents and strengthening Chinese fighting strength” as its mission, advancing in exploration, constantly optimizing teaching content, improving teaching environment, and training Out of many domestic and even world-class players, such as the world-famous Qiu Jianliang.

From the tenth in the world to the world’s first, Qiu Jianliang will Many world-famous generals”cut down under the horse”. April 2, 2016,”Warrior’s Glory” At the Shenzhen station, Qiu Jianliang ushered in a two-time battle with Jiang Tongchai. Before the game, Jiangtong guessed that he was overweight and was deducted by 1 point. Qiu Jianliang took the lead. However, the progress of the game did not go in the direction of Qiu Jianliang’s victory. Powerful Muay Thai king Jiang Tong guessed aggressively, Qiu Jianliang struggled with physical overdraft, slipped several times, and lost three games. The two sides tied for one game. The turning point happened in the fourth round. Dadongxiang coach team changed tactics, Qiu Jianliang executed decisively. When Jiangtong guessed that the footing was not stable, he hit a wave of”tank” bombing and hit the chin with precision. Jiangtong guessed immediately fell to the ground, Qiu Jianliang successfully revenge, and in this way, he even entered the world kick boxing top ten featherweight class.

October 1, 2016, National Day, Qiu Jianliang Fighting Bled in the rain, the second in the world from Morocco, the firepower is significantly higher than Jiang Tongchai, the boxing speed and density are like the heavy rain that night, pouring down. Facing the heavy firepower output of the enemy, Qiu Jianliang adopted the tactics of”the enemy advances when I retreat, and the enemy is exhausted when I fight”.

January 13, 2017, the year-end ceremony, Qiu Jianliang A magical and gorgeous turn around and kicked KO’s undefeated Thailand’s”National Treasure Champion” Kam, this battle of the gods made Qiu Jianliang ranked second in the world.

On November 23, 2017, Qiu Jianliang won Allianz Keshe Ulyanov and Dylan Salvador won the glory of the GOH WarriorsFeatherweight World Golden Belt, the following year In March, Qiu Jianliang finally reached the top in the world. Since then, until today, it has firmly occupied the number one position in the world, and no one has been shaken.

Successful hard training for athletes is a prerequisite, Qiu Jianliang’s success must be Inseparable from his hard training at night, he summed up his training experience and Qiu Jianliang’s high-intensity training, he himself once said that he couldn’t eat it.

Athletes’ success depends on excellent coaches and teaching the way. Dadongxiang coach team continuously integrates, updates, and enriches the teaching content, forming a first-class coach team, professional teaching methods, and a scientific training system. The club also hires excellent foreign coaches every year at a high salary for exchange and learning, and makes targeted changes in teaching content or methods. For each athlete’s game, the coach will make suggestions for him in the corner of the ring, and change his tactics in time, which is a strong backing for the athletes.

Dadongxiang Fight Club to train professional fighting stars in China For the purpose, not for profit. It is now enrolling young people over 13 years old who love fighting sports and have excellent physical conditions. The tuition fee is only 8,000 yuan a year.

The summer class and the 3-month short training class are opened simultaneously.