No matter what, on the bridge, the other side blossoms

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Love in the world, love or hate are all cause and effect in the past and present.

Everyone must walk on the bridge before other bank flower before stepping into the reincarnation. It is to let go of the grievances in my heart, forget the feelings of the previous life, solve the knots in my heart, and continue to struggle in this life.

The flowers on the other bank are blooming on the other bank, and the grass is broken.

Forgotten on the banks of the river, the Sansheng stone is engraved with the oath of once in a lifetime.

How can there be flowers on the other side of the bridge, the other side of the flower blooms in the other side of the heart, the flowers and leaves are not wrong, and the feelings are deeply regretful, I love the world and look forward to the horizon, let go of the fate and rain.

Bright red amaryllis

The other shore is blooming, after all Drive on the other side; after all, those who have no chance will be separated.

The other side of the flower, the flowers bloom without leaves, the leaves fall without roots, see the flowers without the leaves, see the leaves without the flowers, live forever, never meet; the memory of the flowers, the memories left behind, Who should be robbed by someone, and who has become someone’s obsession.

Two loveless people, no matter how much they love, no matter how strong their love, they can’t keep together anymore, no matter how deep their love is, there is no result. Waiting for a long time can only be in vain; no matter how much acacia can be, it can only be self-torture.

Naihe Bridge is full of characters, it’s hard to find, it’s hard to find, love is not wrong, love is not wrong, but without that fate, after all, it is difficult to achieve a positive result, too much regret to stay in my heart, love It’s also leisurely, hate is leisurely too

Naihe on the Naihe Bridge, right or wrong, don’t cross the Wangchuan River, there is no right or wrong before the Sansheng Stone, you will come to the other shore flower.

Everyone said that the world was bitter, but they only complained that they couldn’t see through it.

Forget the missed person, let go of it Things can be completely relieved and no longer painful.

The Buddha said:On the other side, there is no life, no death, no suffering, no sorrow, no desire, no desire. It is a blissful world that forgets sorrow.

But after all, some people have not forgotten. They are so red, their hearts are only for one person, and their love is only for one person. Who said the past is as light as ever! As everyone knows, it hurts the heart and heart.

If it is said that there is no chance, the world of thousands and the beings of Bodhi, how can he meet him alone? If it is said to be destined, why is there only ash after the white knot, but it can no longer be rekindled.

Who never wished to be able to do what one wishes, but who can see the moon and time in his life; I always hope that love can stay together for a long time, but I can live for a few years.

This world is always full of regrets, and one obsession is the source of pain. Whether it is the resentment of the previous life, the love of this life, or the desire for love, the love for love, can not afford to let go of the desire, because too persistent, the heart will be caught.

The things that are often demanded, even if they are obtained, may not be forever, nor may they be as beautiful as imagined, love is not enough, demand is not in time, follow the occasion, and let nature take the best The choice; look away, let go, you can be free.

Red flower close-up Close-Up Of Red Flowers

After all, it is hard to give up, and the unforgettable one is to forget. Yesterday you can’t go back, you will only cripple today.

Buddha said:There are three major sufferings in life.

Too many people in the world are suffering from these hardships, and these hardships are often not imposed by the outside world, but come from the heart, they can’t see it, they can’t let it go.

How many people are waiting for a fate of love and love in the reincarnation of Wanshi, but those who have no chance to wait for one more life can only be entangled in one more life. Can’t be bothered.

In the vast red dust, how many people are looking forward to, can complete a wish, can really be hard to find, after many expectations, it is also in vain.

How many people and things in the world are destined to look like, we can do nothing, force things that must be forgotten, and finally give up; those who can’t forget, after all, forget the past, the old love, with the passage of time , Everything will disappear in the clouds of time.

When you let go of your thoughts, you are at ease. Why not let the past go into the past, why don’t you open your heart and don’t think about it anymore.

The last time I looked back on the bridge, how many regrets to stay in my heart; life is difficult! What, how!

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