No one will be too busy to return to your WeChat

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It used to be slow, the horses and carriages were slow, and the correspondence was slow. I could only love one person in my life.

Now, as long as you want, you can always contact the person you miss the most.

Although it is faster, troubles will follow.

Because the connection is always mutual.

You want, but what if the other party doesn’t?

When chatting with a friend, a girl tells the story of her breaking up with her predecessor.

They fell in love during college and separated shortly after work.

During college, boys often do not return to girls’ WeChat.

Do not return when playing games with roommates, do not return when calling with family members, and do not return when reviewing at the end….

The girl is very considerate, she comforts herself, the boy is indeed busy, and it is normal to not reply.

She even blamed herself a little, and felt that she was too sticky.

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After work, the boys are still as usual, often saying”I have something to do” disappears for a long time, and I can’t get in touch.

Girls persuaded themselves again that boys are busy with their careers and they must understand him.

Unforgettable understanding, in exchange, is constantly ignored.

Boys will suddenly leave when dating, lose contact for a few days on a business trip, and even hang up frequently because of work reasons during weekend breaks Girls phone…

Girls’ disappointments gradually accumulate.

Finally, after the boy didn’t contact her for a week, she sent a message on WeChat to break up.

This time, the boy’s response was quick.

He disagrees.

But everything is too late.

He was very wronged and puzzled. Well, why did he break up.

The girl finally said:”Probably, it’s because there is no sense of security.”

Indeed, love needs to respond.

A short reply can give the other person a sense of security.

This response only takes a few seconds.

If you can’t even pay for a few seconds, you don’t have to expect to pay for a lifetime.

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Are there really people who are so busy that they can’t even return information?

Then he may be even busier than US President Trump.

Even Trump will publish his carefully edited tweets lying in bed late at night.

Those who can’t even reply to the message, probably, are you busy saving the galaxy?

Sa boss has a friend, from high school to graduate school, all the way to learning.

After graduation, he entered a Fortune 500 company and became the head of the marketing department.

In the eyes of friends, he is a very ambitious workaholic.

Usually overtime is normal operation, and overtime travel on weekends is a common thing, and the time is very tight.

Everyone says that he works like this, and getting married is basically a luxury.

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But surprisingly, he got married last year.

What’s even more surprising is that he and his wife have been in contact for a full two years.

Although the two of them are very busy, they can have a lot of contact with each other.

Friends will report to the girl before the plane takes off and after landing.

After staying in a hotel on a business trip, she will lie in bed and make a call to the girl.

I will also make a short phone porridge before going to sleep late at night…

He said:”There will always be time squeeze, let alone for the people you like.”

Being busy is the norm in life.

But in the world, there are really few people who are too busy to even reply to a WeChat account.

If you don’t return, maybe it’s because you don’t feel good.

Alternatively, I feel that there is no need to return.

He may have time to drink, time to chat, and time to brag.

But there is no time to reply to your WeChat.

Because you are not ranked first in the ranking of his life.

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If love has no feedback, it will wither itself.

Perhaps some people think this is a big deal.

For a person who is willing to pay,

The bits and pieces, Three words and two replies, but the most beautiful little luck in my heart.

Make sure you still follow her, this is a kind of happiness.

This is true of love, as is friendship and affection.

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Once, a friend distributed WeChat to Sas boss complaining late at night.

She has just experienced the pain of divorce and feels she can’t hold on anymore.

At that time, I was finishing a busy day’s work. When I first entered the house, the whole person was in a groggy state.

But I still got up and drove to my friend’s house all night, enduring sleepiness to accompany her until dawn.

Although I fell asleep for this day and delayed my work schedule for the next day, I have no regrets.

Because I care about this friend.

Because you care, so pay attention.

Being concerned, respond.

Nothing is happier than knowing that there is someone else watching you in your heart.

People who care about you, no matter how busy they are, have time to respond to you.

And those who continue to ignore you on the basis of”busy”.

Maybe, they don’t care about you that much.

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