North American Observation丨In addition to the Freud incident, what kind of discrimination do African Americans face?

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The world-famous death of George Freud ignited the anger of anti-racial discrimination people worldwide. But when people around the world condemn the unexplained violent law enforcement and naked racial discrimination by the US police in the Freud case, few people notice another problem, that is, how deeply rooted racism is in American society, The extreme case of George Freud’s death is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Fed’s 2016 survey:The average wealth level of African-American families is about one-tenth of that of white families

In the capitalist society of the United States, the gap between rich and poor has become increasingly prominent in recent years Social Issues. During the New Crown epidemic, on the one hand, nearly one-third of the workforce in the United States was unemployed, a large number of workers could not afford the rent, and on the other hand, the personal assets of giant company presidents soared-even though the virus is not class-based, Classes and races face completely different realities.

A Fed survey in 2016 showed that the average wealth of African American families is about $17,600. Compared with the average wealth of $171,000 for white households, the average wealth of African-American households is only about one tenth of that of white households.

Behind the disparity in wealth levels is the gap in family financial capabilities. This directly affects all aspects of African-American families—consumption of daily necessities, children’s education, social security, and the level of participation of African-American groups in economic activities, overall lags behind white families. This is like a vicious circle. Over time, areas such as economic development and financial services are increasingly close to the rules of the game of the white community, which further excludes African-American groups and exacerbates social inequality.

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△2016 Fed survey on wealth levels of different ethnic groups

African American home ownership rate is significantly low

In the United States,”does it hold”House” is often the dividing line between rich and poor. Many times, this wealthy American dream does not include African-American groups. In a survey by Brookings, an American think tank, 73%of whites own their own property, while only 44%of African Americans can reach this level.

This gap more reflects the difference in personal wealth, but it is far from the whole picture of the problem.

Properties with similar conditions are nearly $50,000 cheaper in neighborhoods where African Americans are concentrated than in areas where whites are concentrated. Behind this is even more entrenched group discrimination-behind the difference in house prices, it reflects people’s different views on neighborhood security and community crowd. This has further exacerbated the racial difference between rich and poor mentioned in the previous section-the average wealth of white households is about 10 times that of black households.

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△Statistics of Real Estate Holders of the US Bureau of Statistics

Derek Assante Muhammad, Director of Race, Wealth and Community Business of the American Community Reinvestment Alliance, said:The difference in property holdings between races reflects the long-standing racial discrimination in the United States in federal, state, and local laws. In addition, it also reflects the lack of effective investment in the African-American community.

Many professors who study African-Americans say that the way American society treats African-Americans today is largely linked to the views of slavery history. No matter who entered the White House, this phenomenon has not undergone a fundamental change. But when a social problem has a long-standing historical origin, no matter how the people run and cry, the help and efforts from the government are the key links to effectively solve this problem.