North Macedonia holds parliamentary elections New patients diagnosed with pneumonia and quarantined persons register in advance to vote

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Source:CCTV News Client

On the 15th, North Macedonia held the tenth parliamentary election. 1,578 candidates from 15 political parties and partisan alliances will compete for 120 seats in parliament.

Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the voting was extended from 7 am to 9 pm. In order to ensure that people infected with New Coronary Pneumonia can also participate in this election vote, starting from the 13th, patients diagnosed with New Coronary Pneumonia and those in isolation can register in advance to vote.

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In October 2019, due to opposition from France and other countries, the process of negotiations on the EU’s accession to North Macedonia and the European Union was frustrated. North Macedonia Prime Minister Zaev resigned as prime minister, thus creating conditions for the early holding of parliamentary elections in April. However, affected by the new crown epidemic, the parliamentary elections originally scheduled for April 12 were forced to be postponed. Subsequently, the political parties in North Macedonia reached an agreement and decided to hold parliamentary elections on July 15.

(Reporter Zhao Hongchao)