“Null Difference” three niacinamide whitening body lotions in the whole network, yellow skin counterattack cold white skin, blind to buy good

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This summer season with bare arms and bare legs can grieve a large wave of girls, hoping to turn white overnight, and even want to use milk to soak in white. But it’s good to think about it. If you really want to take action, it’s &34;

Many Asian sisters firmly believe in &34; Ugly &34;, as long as the skin is white enough, even if the facial features are ordinary, it also comes with filters! And the dress is good-looking, not picking red, in short, it is properly enviable.

In addition to facial tenderness, most sister papers also Will pursue white and tender body. For quick results, eat whitening pills and whitening needles and use thousands of facial whitening essences on your body luxuriously! Although the skin may be really turning pale, the wallet is about to cry! Don’t worry, Seven will arrange three whitening body milk for you to buy without mistake.

– Ocean Poetry Niacinamide Body Milk

As the hottest nicotinamide body milk in the whole network, it has a gold concentration of up to 3%, Can inhibit the growth of melanin. The veritable &34; Wanjin Oil&34; ingredient not only whitens but also prevents skin aging. In addition, it also contains aloe extract, hyaluronic acid and VC derivatives, which deeply hydrates the skin, smoothes rough chicken skin, and repairs the barrier effect is very good.

Speaking of Nicotinamide This whitening world’s &34; carrying handle &34;, I believe everyone will not feel strange at all, after all, it is recognized as a whitening ingredient in the field of skin care, even SK-II , Olay These big brands of small white bottles have added this whitening ingredient, and they have been pushed on &34; whitening small bulbs&34; Throne.

And its molecular weight is extremely small, it can quickly pass through the horny The layer penetrates deep into our skin, blocking the transmission of melanin and accelerating the metabolism of the stratum corneum, which really achieves the effect of whitening. Especially for the melanin-stricken areas of joints, using nicotinamide body lotion can restore skin to its original whiteness.

The most important thing is that it does not contain pigments, alcohol, minerals A series of oils and other irritating ingredients are mildly non-irritating. Even sensitive muscles can be used with confidence. Very refreshing and moisturizing texture, it will melt away as soon as you apply it. Even if you apply it all over the summer, you won’t feel sticky and heavy.

The best time to apply body milk is after taking a bath, When the skin’s moisture evaporates to 60%, which is about 5 minutes after bathing, it is the golden time to apply body milk. At this time, the open pores can absorb the body milk’s nutrition to the greatest extent.

-OLAY nicotinamide body milk

In recent times, the whitening direction of nicotinamide body milk has become Olay’s family Explosion, the dual combination of nicotinamide and VC, at a glance, it is very suitable for sisters with dull complexion and dehydrated skin.

This body lotion can be said to be ampoules, Contains 3.5%nicotinamide! It is important to know that the sesderma body milk in Spain has a niacinamide concentration of only 2.5%, but this niacinamide body milk can directly kill opponents. The most important thing is that this concentration is completely sincere to make body essence. At the same time, there are ingredients such as glycerin and petroleum jelly, which are still a bit luxurious as body milk.

In addition, nicotinamide+VE+VC+ B5’s ace combination, in addition to nicotinamide, also added black VC, anti-oxidation VE, and B5 that can repair the barrier. The combination formula almost thought it was a facial essence instead of body milk.

As for the tolerance level of nicotinamide that everyone is most concerned about, After all, the lotion used on the body is not a face, the body skin is much tougher than the face, and the purity and craftsmanship of Olay’s family need not be doubted. The probability of high-purity nicotinamide intolerance is much smaller than that of impurities containing nicotinamide, so there is no need to worry about intolerance at all.

And it’s not sticky nor thin The texture of the lotion can be moisturized without any weight. It is also easy to absorb when applied. The addition of glycerin and petroleum jelly makes the moisturizing effect of the body milk better. There is no sense of weight in summer.

-Aleble light licorice queen body milk

This &34; big powder jar&34; queen body milk, I didn’t expect it to be Huang Shengyi The same body milk. But the most important thing is that this body milk has many safe and whitening ingredients in addition to nicotinamide.

As the name suggests, this body milk has a unique whitening ingredient, light licorice extract, and light fruit licorice extract is also called &34; whitening gold&34;. It can inhibit the activity of various enzymes in the process of melanin production. It is a fast and safe whitening and freckle-removing ingredient. At the same time, it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial additional effects to help you whiten and remove freckles quickly. Muscle use.

In addition to light licorice, cherry blossom and golden color are added Are the extracts of chamomile and aloe vera rich in nutrients? It combines whitening, moisturizing and freckle removal, and can be said to be &34; all-rounder&34;. If you don’t know if it’s your own body lotion, you think you secretly got a whitening shot.

It’s texture is very easy to absorb and doesn’t feel like it at all Greasy feeling. Especially suitable for dry skin sisters, it is very easy to apply and the moisturizing effect is really great. But for oily skin, it may feel a little sticky, but it can be used a small amount of times to reduce stickiness.

You can see the content of the skin before and after applying body lotion The water volume rose from 15%to 52%, and this is still a test after 12 hours.

And this body milk has a light fragrance, official The taste given is a sweet scent, which sounds very sweet but does not smell at all, but feels very refreshing. Covering the whole body is like standing in a sea of ​​flowers, especially sleeping at night is not too happy.

Finally, there is one more nagging, whitening body lotion is recommended at night Use at the same time to strengthen sun protection during the day. Regardless of the immediate effect, there is no product that can achieve immediate results, and the skin also has a metabolic cycle. If you want to whiten, you must insist on using it and carefully sunscreen!