Olivia Courpo, a beautiful girl with a charming charm

By yqqlm yqqlm

Olivia Courpo took part in the”Miss America” ​​in 2013 and passed the selection and tests to get the title of”Miss America”. The tall figure and high face value left a deep impression, and they belong to beautiful and beautiful women. We may be relatively unfamiliar with this beauty, but her dress focuses on the beauty of personality, we can refer to her wearing ideas to feel the beauty of the beauty of the beauty.

Look below The costumes worn by Olivia Courpo on a seaside holiday highlight their personal charm and charm. First of all, Kurbo wore a color-matching long dress. Such a long dress must have a tall body to wear out. It is necessary to know that a beautiful woman who can be called the”Miss America” ​​title will not be low. The skirt is a black vest with a spliced ​​upper body and a white lace skirt underneath.

The upper body is black The vest-like design is very unique. The translucent lace embroidered fabric is used as the stitching from the middle to the chest to highlight the sensual beauty. In this way, the design of the upper body vest is combined. The black stitching on the waist is used as the transition stitching. The white skirt looks black and white. The elegant skirt is extremely beautiful and charming.

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