On the 4th anniversary of the South China Sea arbitration, the Philippine Foreign Minister called on my country to respect the result of the arbitration and said there was no room for negotiation

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July 12, a few days ago, coincided with the 4th anniversary of the”South China Sea Arbitration farce”, Philippine Defense Minister Lochin Speaking to the outside world, claiming that China has no legal basis for the historical claim of resources in the South China Sea, called on China to respect South China Sea arbitration, and emphasized that South China Sea arbitration has no room for negotiation. Immediately after July 13, US Secretary of State Pompeo spoke on the South China Sea arbitration, expressing opposition to China’s actions against Nansha Meiji Reef, Renai Reef, etc. The islands and reefs have sovereignty and refuse to recognize Zengmu Shoal as the southernmost territory of our country.

In response to the voices of the Philippine Foreign Minister and the US Secretary of State reversing the black and white in the South China Sea, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China Hua ChunyingImmediately responded positively, saying that our country’s position is very clear and firm, that is, it does not recognize the jurisdiction of the permanent arbitration court in this case, and refuses to accept any form of Philippine settlement proposal in this case.

The so-called South China Sea arbitration is actually an international farce . On January 22, 2013, the then President of the Philippines, Aquino III unilaterally proposed a so-called”arbitration” in the South China Sea arbitration case, Subsequently, under the arrangement of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea under the arrangement of the United States, the then President Yuji Yanai announced that he accepted the request of the Philippines. Finally, on July 12, 2016, the Ocean Hague International Arbitration Tribunal made the so-called”final award” in the South China Sea arbitration case, ruled that the Philippines won, and denied my country’s South China Sea”nine-segment line.”

In this process, the most noticeable International Tribunal for the Ocean and Hague, the name of this institution is easily reminiscent of the United Nations and mistakenly believes that it has international authority. The Hague International Tribunal has no connection. The South China Sea arbitration can attract worldwide attention, all due to the continuous hype of the United States, Japan, Australia and other countries, rendering it as an international legal institution that seems to have been recognized by all parties.

In fact, the Philippines’ South China Sea claim is simply untenable . Its earliest record on the South Island Reef, from the voyage record of the Philippine navigator Koloma in 1956, identified the South Island Reef as”freely”. Afterwards, the Philippines sent troops to illegally occupy multiple South Island Reefs and unilaterally claimed that The illegally controlled southern islands and reefs have territorial sovereignty.

It can be seen that the so-called South Island Reef sovereignty issue in the Philippines is self-directed. In order to allow illegal control of islands and reefs to obtain legal status, the Philippines self-directed a South China Sea arbitration farce, deliberately using one lie after another to cover up and confuse the fact that the South Island Reef belongs to our country.

Behind the Philippines, there is still a powerful Over the past few decades, foreign countries, namely the United States, have repeatedly encouraged countries such as the Philippines to embarrass China on the South China Sea issue and intend to contain China’s economic development rate. During this process, my country has maintained the utmost restraint, insisted on solving problems through negotiation and consultation, to avoid losing control of the situation, and has ensured the general stability of the situation in the South China Sea.

In order to gain more support in the South China Sea, the Philippines also extended an olive branch to India. Just recently, the Defense Minister of the Philippines, Delphine Lorenzana, announced that any country can sail in the South China Sea, and India can also appear in this area, and India has always expressed that it wants to send the navy to the South China Sea for activities. .

On the issue of the South China Sea, although the Philippines chose not to cooperate with the United States Too much cooperation to avoid being used as a gun, but it also did not choose to give up its sovereignty claim on the South Island Reef. Under such circumstances, what our country needs to do is to constantly change the situation and gradually advance the final resolution of the South China Sea issue at its own pace.

On the one hand, actively negotiate with relevant countries in the South China Sea to promote the”Code of Conduct for All Parties in the South China Sea”; on the other hand, strengthen law enforcement patrols in the South Island Sea Reef, promote the construction of island reefs, and demonstrate with practical actions Our country’s determination to safeguard its core interests has dispelled the deliberate thinking of some countries.