On the front line of fighting against floods, these moments moved many people to”picture”

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Recently, this old man’s photo of armed police soldiers wiping sweat warmed us. The young man in the picture was named Wu Yinggang, It is a soldier of a detachment of the Second Armed Police Corps.

In the past few days, the flood situation in Wuhu City, Anhui Province has been severe, and he and more than 200 comrades have urgently assisted to strengthen the dam. During the emergency rescue, Wuyinggang saw an old lady on the roadside carrying a shoulder pole and was rushing forward. He immediately rushed up to pick up the luggage to help the old lady travel to the flat road. A month before the anti-flood, he used five closed needles to treat the dislocation of his right shoulder. Due to the pain in his right shoulder, Wu Yinggang soon became sweaty. The grandmother stepped forward and wiped his sweat for him, and really thanked:”The Communist Party is good!”

See this picture Netizens have left messages

This smile is warm

In the flood relief, the touching moments that hit the heart

It is far more than this scene


The anti-hongmin militia stooped down to serve as a ladder

Umbrella holding”hand protection” pregnant women waiting for delivery

Recently, the meltwater in Liuzhou, Guangxi was hit by heavy rain Attack

The local militiamen dispatched urgently and used the assault boat to transfer the masses

They stooped down and used as ladders to rescue the trapped residents on the second floor

Be careful to help pregnant women for their Umbrella”escort”

Distressed warrior!

People sent cooked and peeled eggs

in the past few days

Army and soldiers of a detachment of the 2nd Armed Police Corps

fighting in the rain On the front line of flood prevention and emergency rescue of Wuwei Embankment in Anhui

In order to further strengthen and heighten the embankment before the arrival of Hongfeng

Ensure the safety of people’s lives and property

Warriors fighting day and night, fighting continuously

The local people see it in their eyes and feel the pain in their hearts

Spontaneously brought cooked eggs for officers and soldiers

Always observe the danger!

The anti-flood officers and soldiers face the flood to eat

July 13

On the front line of anti-flood

The mobile detachment of the Armed Police Jiangxi Corps

< p>Officers and soldiers

Looking at the flood during lunch

Observing the dangers

Sleeping on the ground

A different sleeping position on the front line of fighting flood

Noon on July 13

Just after dealing with the dangerous situation

A certain army in the central theater Officers and soldiers of Zhouqiao Brigade

On the Jinniu Lake People’s Embankment in Wuxue City, Hubei Province

Short break

Behind the Yangtze River and the responsibility in front

< p>If there is any situation, it will definitely be heard.

Disposal as soon as possible

On the front line of flood control

They will always be in”24-hour combat readiness”

They “fall down and sleep” anytime, anywhere

Only for the first time to hear the order

When they sleep tiredly

Their sleeping posture may not be good enough

But it is the most beautiful scenery in the front line of fighting floods

The place where danger occurs

You can always see the people’s soldiers The figure

They use a safe relay

Bring the elderly and children out of danger

Where there is danger

Where there are them The figure

The warriors fighting hard have worked hard

May you return home as soon as possible

(Zhou Zixiang Zhou Yuxuan Li Xiang Shu Huijin Zhou Jia He Jian Qiao Meng Source:CCTV)