Once deprived of nationality, the 20-year-old ISIS bride will now return to the UK, saying she will not regret joining the terrorist organization

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According to the British”Mirror” report on July 16, the 20-year-old Shamima Begum went to Syria in February 2015 and after living under ISIS for more than three years, She was found in a Syrian refugee camp when she was 9 months pregnant.

Last year, the British Ministry of the Interior used the reason to endanger national security Cancelled her British citizenship. Begum was dissatisfied and appealed. The senior judge ruled on Thursday that the”ISIS bride” should be allowed to return to the United Kingdom to fight for her deprived British citizenship because”you must first return to the United Kingdom to make a fair and effective appeal.”

In response, the Ministry of the Interior slammed the court’s ruling, saying it was “very disappointing” and said it will continue to appeal.

Begum, 20, is one of three female students in East London who left the UK in February 2015 and traveled to Syria via Turkey to join the terrorist organization ISIS.

She’s in the Islamic State She lived under rule for more than three years. She was found in a refugee camp in Syria last February when she was nine months pregnant. She told reporters that she did not regret joining ISIS, but hoped to save her back to the UK.

Later that month, the Secretary of the Interior, Sajid Javid, cancelled her British citizenship on grounds of national security.

Begum’s three children and her husband as an ISIS fighter have both died. She is now living in a refugee camp in Syria. She took legal action against the Ministry of the Interior, saying the decision was illegal. Because it will make her lose her nationality and even face death and inhumane treatment.

The judge’s on Thursday The ruling said:”In this case, fairness and justice are more important than national security issues, and we should allow her to appeal.” The judge said,”If she returns to the UK, her national security issues can be taken seriously and dealt with.”

In the ruling, the court also said:”If the security services and public prosecutors believe that there is sufficient evidence to prove that Begum has harmed the public interest, she will arrive on the UK was arrested and indicted with crimes of terrorism”

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