Once the battle started, it lasted 24 hours

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Text, Picture| Gao Junfeng, Liu Zheng, Zhou Qing

Fighting the battle against floods.

Arrive in the mission area, just like on the battlefield

The 71st Army Zhou Liping’s brigade where he was alive

Since the evening of July 12

arrival< span class="entity-word" data-gid="414108">Jijiang, Jiangxi after the mission area

over 2,300 officers and soldiers

the first time to fight in their respective battles Go in position

Continue to fight on the front line of fighting the flood

The officers and soldiers are ready to go.

Expand the assignment.

After 200 officers and men of a synthetic battalion received the mission

I immediately rushed to the mission area of ​​Nankang Town

I saw Manjiehushui

The sewers continue to spray muddy water

The shops on the first floor have been submerged

Some people have moved…

Carrying sandbags and rushing forward.

The sandbags soaked in water are even heavier.

The military and the civilians are united as one, try to see who can be the enemy.

“Fast, organize your strength and eliminate the danger with the fastest time!”

Teacher Li Hailiang

After carefully surveying the situation on the scene

< p> Immediately organize officers and soldiers into rescue missions

Combat officers and soldiers.

Officials and soldiers moved upon hearing

Under the unified command of the on-site commander

Some of them filled and transported sandbags to strengthen the dam

some were Led by Instructor Li, he jumped into the lake water

Blocking the pipe flow

Fight against the clock to ensure the safety of the dam

Pawns and soldiers fighting in the front line.

“Behind us is the community where the people live.

Unable to block the pipe, the residents of the entire community

Life and property safety will be threatened,


As soldiers of the people, we are incumbent.”

Teacher Li blocked the pipe and cheered for everyone

Two officers and soldiers launched a low fever after continuous fighting

They firmly refused to fire the line

After being known by the leader, they were ordered to take a break

Flood resistance site.

The”Party Commando” took the lead in blocking the pipeline.

A lot of sweat.

After a day of hard work, his arms were marked by the sun.

Footboards that have been soaked in water for a long time are not afraid of”foot”.

As the pipes are blocked one by one

The water from the sewers is getting smaller and smaller

The strength of the officers and men is also getting more and more powerful

As of 18:00 on July 13th

The battalion has been fighting for 24 hours

Accumulatively moving 180 sandstones and using nearly 7000 sandbags

Blocking 70 kinds of pipelines


The rescue and relief operations on the embankment of Nankang Town are still under intense tension

After working hard, the people’s soldiers

Authoritative release in the eastern theater

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