One of the most beautiful women in the world

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“Thailand Supermodel”

Everyone who has been to Thailand knows that women are generally not tall in Thailand, and to be honest, their appearance and face value The overall is slightly lower, and the natural beauty is one-of-a-kind. Today I will introduce you to a Thai supermodel with an angel face and a devil figure-Praya Lundberg. She is not only beautiful and so simple, she insists on long-term exercise and super strength. Her self-disciplined life keeps her figure very good, the temperament blogger star of Xiaoman waist peach buttocks.

In addition to being a supermodel, Praya Lundberg has also participated in some temporary roles in Thai movies. It is also a super beauty who once ranked in the top 66 in the world’s most beautiful rankings. There are only a few people to know that China is on the list. And Praya Lundberg’s wearing is a particularly advanced style, super tough temperament and women’s charming and top supermodels are no different, and wearing is also a senior celebrity style.

“Advanced Foreign Style”

A lot of fans sent me a message and asked me how to match it to be more advanced. Let’s talk about it today. High-level wear, first of all, the elements of high-level you own, tall body, at least 1.68 meters above it can be more advanced, of course, there are small people wearing more advanced, but having a supermodel can not be freely imitated At one point, there is a high-level face, this style is generally that kind of glamorous personality, and of course, the figure must have a small waist and long legs.

Praya Lundberg The high-end style has many elements. Sexy is a special feature of her senior. Even if it is a very ordinary red and suspender dress, she can control the super wide-mouth transparent suspender skirt. This kind of strap has been popular in recent years. It can make the traces not obvious and reduce the visibility. The deep V strap is very sexy. With an ultra-narrow waist, it can naturally protrude the entire waistline. The wide hip design makes this wide and narrow contrast more obvious.

In addition to doing”articles” on the curve, Praya Lundberg also Embellish the relatively hollow neck with some high-grade pearl white (Chanel) style earrings, and then her white high-end dresses generally use a more complicated design to show the unique, gold wire ring, waist triangle”dig””Empty”, the overall high-end model feels immediately irreproducible. If it is paired with beautiful beige high-heeled shoes, it is the invincible presence of Thai fashion circles.

Praya Lundberg can be said to be a super fashionista in Thailand, In the fashion circle, it can be said that even if many stars and models are not as good as her aura, she is very good at using sexy suspender skirts. The large circular cutouts on the shoulders and the low-to-waist perspective let ordinary people only look at distance, because This can only be achieved with a particularly good figure and strong self-confidence, which can show the”muscle” lines of the beautiful back, and can also fade away the sexy and charming that the ordinary suspenders and dresses cannot reach.

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