OpenCV crowdfunding two 4K/60fps space AI cameras, priced at $199/299

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After branching out from CommuteGuardian, the OpenCV Artificial Intelligence Kit (OAK) project today launched two 4K/60fps spatial artificial intelligence cameras that can be applied to multiple real-world scenarios. The company describes these products as small computers and eliminates the security and latency issues caused by the use of the cloud through built-in artificial intelligence chips.

OpenCV said that both the OAK-1 and OAK-D cameras can meet the wide-ranging needs of”human-like perception”, and can determine the position of objects in the surrounding space and their trajectories in real time. These models have a built-in Myriad X chip for artificial intelligence running a completely local system.

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There are several potential problems with using cloud services for artificial intelligence processing, the most serious of which are unreliability and security threats. The Myriad X chip provides local artificial intelligence, including deep learning models customized for detecting and classifying objects, estimating human poses, and other similar things. And the size of the chip is very small, close to the size of Raspberry Pi.

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OAK-1 and OAK-D modules have many things in common, including USB3 (USB2 compatible). However, OAK-1 has only one cable that can be inserted, and OAK-D includes a 5v power cable in addition to the data cable, which can be connected to a wall outlet. All AI processing is performed on OAK hardware, which means it will not affect the performance of a wider host system.

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What are the potential uses of this technology? OpenCV says they can be used to add AI functionality to various systems, including robots and drones, food processors to determine whether agricultural products are mature for sale, to monitor workplaces for safety violations, and any other involvement Artificial intelligence stuff.

The hardware includes a 12-megapixel autofocus camera with a wide horizontal field of view and a resolution of 4056×3040. The original video output speed is up to 4K/60fps, hardware 4K H.265 video encoding. The product has been launched on Kickstarter, and the retail prices of OAK-1 and OAK-D are expected to be USD 199 and USD 299 respectively .