Opening:The three major stock indexes collectively opened the Shanghai index up 0.22%, which is good for stimulating the outbreak of the tourism hotel sector

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=3b0b81e9fd4e6887682177410f942788 - Opening:The three major stock indexes collectively opened the Shanghai index up 0.22%, which is good for stimulating the outbreak of the tourism hotel sector

The financial industry website July 15th today, the three major stock indexes opened higher. The Shanghai stock index rose 0.22%to 3422.08 points, the Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.15%to 14017.93 points, and the GEM index rose 0.26%, reported at 2866.24 points. Affected by the news that the domestic cross-provincial team tour will gradually recover, tourism hotels, civil aviation airports and other sectors have opened significantly higher, animal vaccines, e-cigarettes and other sectors have risen ahead, agricultural cultivation, chicken concept, net red economy, underground pipe network and other sectors The decline is high.

Today, the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index opened 1.61%higher. The FTSE China A50 Index futures opened up 0.81%. The Japanese and Korean stock markets opened mixed.

On July 14, local time, the three major U.S. stock indexes fluctuated upward after opening slightly lower. As of the close, the Dow Jones Industrial Index rose 2.13%to 26642.59 points; the S&P 500 index rose 1.34%to 3197.52 points; Nasdaq The index rose 0.94%to 10488.58 points.

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[Broker strategy]

Zhongyuan Securities:Investors are advised to pay close attention to the upcoming second quarter macroeconomic data. It is expected that the short-term volatility of the Shanghai Stock Exchange may be greater, and the strong consolidation of the GEM market may be greater. Investors are advised to pay attention to investment opportunities in telecommunications operations, food and beverage, non-ferrous metals and coal industries in the short term. Midline suggests continuing to focus on the investment opportunities of some low-value blue chip stocks.

Shanxi Securities:In the short term, the overall market has risen rapidly in the early period, the transaction volume has remained high, funds have maintained a rapid flow pattern, and the volatility of earnings will remain at a high level. In the context of rapid rotation of the sector, investment It is not advisable to”chase up and kill” and frequently change hands. It is recommended to configure the target with fundamental and capital support. In the medium term, in line with the previous logic, in the context of the domestic economic recovery and the rebound in supply and demand, the market enthusiasm has risen, but the market has already increased to a certain extent. There is a small amount of divergence in the market outlook, and the future market is expected to be from Lianyang. The uptrend switched to a volatile upward trend.

Guosheng Securities:Recently, the market volume has been able to break 1.5 trillion for 7 consecutive trading days. The data on margin financing and securities lending have continued to rise. The continuous cooling measures by the regulatory authorities have brought certain effects, but the overall trading is active, and the weighted shares are Market rises act as a stabilizer. The upward trend of the market’s midline has not changed. The series of measures is only to lengthen the upward rhythm of the market. It is still a good time to step back. In terms of operation, short-term market highs and lows switch, focus on early stagflation stocks, such as breaking stocks, paying attention to mid-term performance pre-increase stocks, focusing on industries with good policies and accelerated opening of policies, such as theaters; mid-term still stick to value investment grasp Core asset allocation opportunities. Opportunities for brokerage companies, large consumption, new infrastructure, consumer electronics, new energy vehicles, etc. are determined.

Northeast Securities:As far as the future market is concerned, maintain the previous thinking,”Although the bull market does not speak of the top and the short-term market is still in a strong process, it is expected that the probability of the index closing price below 3450 points in July will be more bigger”. Therefore, the market is turning into the first callback phase of this round of rising prices. Referring to the previous adjustment experience after the rapid rise, the general market mostly uses time for space, and the range fluctuates repeatedly to achieve the first pullback of the bull market. If there is a sharp decline, it is the opportunity to re-arrange.

Yinhe Securities:Looking ahead, the market still has room to rise, but the price-performance ratio is declining, so we need to increase risk awareness! Market temperature has entered the second half of the bull market. From the perspective of market temperature, it is that the temperature continues to be above 75 degrees or even above 80 degrees (with a temperature of 100 degrees as the upper limit), the index continues to rise, investor sentiment is high, and there are fewer and fewer people who are skeptical about the direction of market growth. The current transaction, market sentiment and other temperature indicators all show that it is now entering the second half of the bull market.