Month: July 2020

Cover your money bag! Be wary of mutual gold scams

In recent years, Internet finance has accelerated innovation and played an active role in alleviating the financing difficulties and loan difficulties of small and micro enterprises and satisfying private investment. At the same time, it has also generated some problems and risks.


How much water does Lake Baikal hold? Can fill 600 Three Gorges Reservoir for 5900 years in Beijing

The earth is the only celestial body in the universe known to have life. In the question of”why is there only life on the earth”, we also know that one of the most important reasons is that the primordial ocean is formed with the existence of liquid water, which is the origin of primitive life. To provide a place for birth, the organic matter in the ocean forms complex organic matter through its long interaction, and gradually forms primitive life through further evolution and development.


Why there are so many cars in Japan but there is no shortage of parking spaces? Look at other people’s parking design, the industry has been leading for decades

To say which country has the highest population density and the smallest land area in the world, people will say in unison that Japan is a typical country with a large population and a small land. Careful friends should find such a problem. Japanese cars are very Many, but they won’t have parking problems or parking spaces. Why?