Pakistani Prime Minister announced the construction of the largest dam in the history of the country

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Diamo-Basa dam sketch

Wednesday (July 15th) local time, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan announced at the launch ceremony of the Diamer-Bhasha project that it would build the largest dam in Pakistan’s history. He added that the project will also benefit people living in Gilgit-Baltistan.

Pakistan’s “Dawn News” reported that earlier, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan served in the Army’s Chief of Staff General Kamal Jaweed Baiva and Minister of Water Resources Faisal Wah Accompanied by Da inspected the site selection of the dam project, where he listened to the briefing of the project.

Imran Khan said in his speech that the decision to build this dam was made 50 years ago. There is no better place to build a dam, here is a natural”dam”. Imran Khan believes that Pakistan will start building more dams, and the benefits will be twofold. Imran Khan pointed out that the construction of dams can help reduce foreign exchange pressure. Using water instead of oil and coal to generate electricity will not only prevent global warming, but also make Pakistan no longer rely on imported fuel.

Pakistani Prime Minister’s special assistant and retired lieutenant general Ahim Salem Bajewa said that the total installed capacity of the Diamo-Basa dam will reach 4500 MW, which can provide 16,000 Employment opportunities, irrigate 1.2 million acres of farmland, and increase the service life of the Tabela Dam downstream of the Indus River by 35 years. (Text/seven tubes)