Perhaps alien civilizations exist? Astronomers have found suspicious phenomena many times

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From a statistical point of view, extraterrestrial civilization exists with a high probability. In a sense, the existence of human beings is the best proof of the existence of external civilization. If compared to other celestial bodies, the earth is one. An exoplanet with millions of species, among which Homo sapiens has reached the peak and developed a smart civilization.

But Fermi, the Nobel Prize winner, once left us with a question, if alien civilizations exist, where are they?

Actually, according to the current mainstream scientific system, the universe was born in the singularity of 13.82 billion years agoThe Big Bang, after slowing down and then expanding faster, the diameter of the observable universe has reached 93 billion light years. This is the conceptual model of the universe in our minds. It is very old in time and infinite in space, at least for us now.

And the solar system was formed in the original nebula 5 billion years ago, the earth has a history of 4.6 billion years, less than 1 billion after the formation of the earth The primitive life appeared in the year, and after a long period of development and evolution, humanity finally developed a smart civilization.

Then the problem arises, if the solar system formed 1 billion years ago, and assuming the subsequent development process remains unchanged, then it means that human civilization may have a history of 1 billion years, then our civilization No one can imagine to what extent. Presumably the dream of interstellar navigation has been realized, and the shuttle travels randomly in the galaxy. So if that is the case, why haven’t there been advanced biological civilizations that have ever been to Earth?

This is the Fermi paradox The core content of , of course, many scholars have explained this. In Da Liu’s sci-fi work”Three Body”, he proposed such a theory-the dark forest law, which can perfectly explain the Fermi paradox. Even though there are many biological civilizations in the universe, everyone is like a hunter with a gun in the dark forest. They walk carefully in the dark forest, making as little noise as possible.

The premise of this theory is the limited nature of resources and the unlimited nature of the development of biological civilization. The simple understanding is that any biological civilization wants to Development requires the supply of resources and energy. This demand is unlimited, but the total energy in the universe is limited, which has contributed to this result.

Of course, there are more radical ideas. Some people think that the best way to explain Fermi’s paradox is that there are no other biological civilizations in the universe, and humans are the only intelligent civilization in the Universe universe. This possibility Sex is still very small.

Scientists have divided them into three levels according to the degree of use of biological civilization, the first is to completely grasp their planet, including its satellite The energy of each stage is the type I civilization. According to this division, humans are currently at level 0.7. Type II civilization refers to the ability to make full use of the energy of the star system. If we take our own as an example, it is all the celestial bodies in the solar system Energy can be developed and utilized by us. The Type III civilization can use the energy of its own galaxy, which is very advanced. It can shuttle through the galaxy at will and use any star.

Scientists once proposed Dyson ball or Dyson ring Structure refers to the type II civilization can use this structure to quickly collect energy for some stars.

Some phenomena have attracted the attention of scientists. Some people think that these are evidences of the existence of extraterrestrial life. A scientific report in the Astronomy Magazine in 2019 shows that more than 100 stars in the Milky Way have disappeared”mysteriously” because early astronomical observations have recorded the positions of many stars, but these stars have disappeared after further observation.

This situation makes astronomers very strange, although stars are all long-lived, massive stars evolve into later life and will eventually change There are three types of compact stars, white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes, but the process of this change is accompanied by violent phenomena, especially when supernova explosions occur when they become neutron stars and black holes, and can be seen by the naked eye if they are closer to the earth. Even with a long distance, radio telescopes can receive a large amount of radiated signals.

In short, a star cannot disappear suddenly, and it will always leave traces, but these more than 100 stars really disappear suddenly. There is no trace, so some people speculate that advanced biological civilization may be storing energy and quickly consuming the stellar mass in a short time.

Not surprisingly, this year it was reported that a star that had been observed by scientists for nearly 10 years disappeared. This star is 7,500 light-years away from the Earth and is located at PHL293Bdwarf galaxy, scientists have observed it for 10 years from 2001 to 2011, but the star disappeared in 2016, and it’s really gone .

Some scientists explained that the disappearing star may have turned into a black hole, but the process of supernovae was skipped in the middle, so Humans have not recorded the changes it has made. When it is observed again, it has become a black hole, and humans cannot observe it. Some people think that this star has been”swallowed” by advanced civilizations outside the earth, leaving no trace of it.

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