Points record and defending prospects:Liverpool have not yet relaxed

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Try to tell Klopp and his players that Liverpool is over this season.

The Premier League title fight may be over, but the Shinco champion still has many opportunities to set a record.

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It’s hard to start a business, but it’s even harder to keep a business. Liverpool led their opponents by 21 points and won the league title in record time. They destroyed their opponents, defeated all other teams in the Premier League, and in the process embarrassed the most expensive team in the history of English football.

Their”problem” is exactly what most clubs want. After climbing Everest, they relaxed on the way down the mountain, which is forgivable.

But successful people never sleep, they won’t relax, or settle down. They clenched their fists, enjoyed the moment, and then proceeded to the next challenge.

There will always be the next challenge.

Last Saturday’s home draw by Burnley ended Liverpool’s hope of becoming the first top team to win all home games in the league since 1892.”It feels like we lost.” Klopp admitted at the post-match press conference.

So, Arsenal can expect their response.”This will be an interesting journey.” Klopp said of the Emirates Stadium tour. Liverpool’s motivation will be strong.

“Some people outside said,’Are there any desires?'” Robertson said on Saturday:”But they obviously don’t know much about these guys and coaches.”

“When you Put on this team logo, when you put on this jersey, it carries a responsibility.”

Liverpool know that if they want to break Manchester City’s top league points record, they need to win the rest Three games. The Reds can score 102 points after defeating Arsenal, Chelsea and Newcastle, making sure they hold down Guardiola’s team.

The price of success is to countless enemies, and these enemies are ready to attack. Of course, some people will say that Liverpool’s performance has declined before entering the suspension in March.

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However, there is no reason to panic, but this is enough for players’ Thinking has become sharp, at least subconsciously, they can forgive the stepping on the accelerator after winning the championship.

“This is the worst thing we can do.” Robertson added:”If we lose our ruthless winning streak, then we can’t be the champion.”

Klopp would agree. He has repeatedly stated that he needs to continue to advance and improve. He said earlier this month:”We still have room for improvement in many areas.” He is serious, although now it seems that these improvements will come from training rather than transfer-which makes many fans frustrated.

At the same time, challengers are surrounded. Manchester City’s turn in the sports arbitration court gave them confidence. They have begun to talk optimistically about the next season, and Manchester United’s progress has also made Old Trafford welcome its first optimism in a while.

Of course, these two teams will have better performance next season. At the same time, it will be interesting to see how the London giants Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham will develop.

At least for now, Liverpool will not care about these. They have their own motivation, their own standards, their own goals. They have their own records-individual and collective-they have their own attitudes.

They will welcome another line-up to pay tribute at the Emirates Stadium. This is another opportunity to remind the world who is the boss, but then everything is back to business.

Stop sleeping and forgetting to eat.

We should have the same expectations for the champion.