Pollen 8th Anniversary Live Broadcast Zhang Ping revealed nearly 500 million HMS global users

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July 4th is the 8th anniversary of the Pollen Club. Huawei has simultaneously opened the”Pollen 8th Anniversary Love Live Broadcasting Room” on more than 10 platforms, offering a continuous 8 Hours of live events. Zhang Ping, President of Huawei Consumer Cloud Services, thanked the pollen enthusiastically for their support and revealed the latest global progress of HMS:Nearly 500 million users worldwide already use Huawei terminal cloud service products, and HMS is developing rapidly overseas.

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Ping An introduced that there are already 650 million Huawei mobile phone users worldwide, and Huawei terminal cloud service users have also been growing rapidly, reaching nearly 500 million. He also mentioned that many pollen friends are very concerned about the development of HMS, especially in the live broadcast of the latest development of HMS:HMS is developing rapidly overseas. The number of developers has grown very rapidly, and more and more global applications have been launched on the overseas Huawei application market. Huawei Music has been launched in 38 countries and regions, with more than 30 million overseas users. Huawei Video has also been launched in 26 countries and regions overseas, with 8 million overseas users. Zhang Ping’an said,”Our goal is to provide Huawei’s overseas users with rich smart services and diverse application experiences in the harshest environment.” He also particularly thanked Pollen for its love and support for HMS:”I even I saw a lot of pollen personally participate in Huawei’s HMS ecological construction, some became the application developer of the HMS ecology, some became the designer of the Huawei theme, and some also helped us introduce the application to the overseas application market.” Zhang Ping An also said that Huawei terminal cloud service will work harder to provide better products and services for everyone, and will also actively make progress overseas to create a global HMS ecosystem to provide a richer cloud service experience for Huawei terminal users worldwide.

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Ping An said that he is also very concerned about the pollen’s messages and interactions on Weibo and other platforms:”I often read the messages that everyone gives me on Weibo, in the pollen forum, social media platform, product evaluation Group and DIGIX digital life festival, book club and other activities interacted with us on the spot. I am also very happy to have the opportunity to have face-to-face communication with friends of pollen and listen to everyone’s feedback on the use of cloud service products. Your feedback is important for us to improve the product experience Source.”

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During the live broadcast, Zhang Ping’s strengths were fans. The lucky draw on the scene sent Huawei nova 7 Pro, Huawei WATCH GT2, FreeBuds 3 and other rich prizes for the pollen on multiple platforms to watch the live broadcast. In the live broadcast of the Huawei terminal cloud service, the staff also led the pollen online interaction, and together experienced the cloud service products such as the Huawei member center, music, themes, reading, wallet, and Skyline, and sent out the flower card, flower book, Huawei Read nearly four thousand exclusive gifts such as the four-year anniversary album, the customized pillow of Huawei Member Center, and the customized plug of Skyline.