Pompeo turned to visit the United Kingdom and Denmark, the primary purpose:China

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【Text/Observer Network Long Yue】Just joined forces to start Huawei, and Britain and the United States have “intimate moves”. On July 15, the US State Department issued a statement that US Secretary of State Pompeo will visit the UK and Denmark from July 20 to 22. Before leaving, Pompeo was also outspoken, the focus of this trip was to discuss China.

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Picture from the US State Department

On July 15, the US State Department announced that Pompeo will visit London, Denmark, Denmark from July 20 to 22Copenhagen. While in London, Pompeo will meet with British Prime Minister Johnson and Foreign Secretary Rab to discuss the economic recovery plan for the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, Mainland China and Hong Kong, and to negotiate the Anglo-American Free Trade Agreement. On July 22, Pompeo will also meet Danish Prime Minister Met Frederiksen in Copenhagen.

The topic of China is an important purpose of Pompeo’s trip. On the same day, he shouted at a press conference held by the US State Department,”I will depart on Monday (July 20) for a short visit to the United Kingdom and Denmark. I am sure that China and its threat to the”free people” around the world ‘It will be a high on top of that agenda in my visit.” Later, he also attacked China without a basis at the press conference.

However, this is not enough. On the same day, Pompeo once again pointed his finger at China in an interview with the Capitol Hill. The United States Department of State published the actual record of his interview.

In an interview, when the host asked Pompeo’s views on him and the Trump administration’s two terms, he claimed, “If you ask me, from the perspective of national security, the second What is the biggest challenge in this term? That must be China.” Then, he complacently claimed that the last US government failed to respond to the China issue or even refused to take the necessary actions to protect the American people from China’s”threats.” The Trump administration has made significant changes and has been paying attention to China issues.”We are doing everything we can to protect people’s freedom and fight back.”

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Pompeo’s interview video is the same as the screenshot below

Furthermore, Pompeo also claimed that although the two sides have maintained a dialogue recently, the result of the dialogue has made him “dissatisfied””. He ignored the fact that the United States has repeatedly interfered in China’s internal affairs, and said that China has”violated its commitments” on various matters, such as its commitment not to militarize the South China Sea and its commitment to implement”one country, two systems” in Hong Kong.

Following, Pompeo threatened to say,”The United States will respond to every such act in every place, in order to maintain US national security and make China pay… We want a Free and open Indian Ocean-Pacific waters. China wants to treat this waters as its own ocean empire. We will not allow this to happen.”

Recently, the US has frequently talked about the South China Sea issue. Launched a new round of”offensive” against China. Regarding related issues, a spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hua Chunying hit back on the 15th:China is not afraid of threats. The tree is quiet and the wind is constant. If the United States wants to make waves, then let the storms get stronger.

Hua Chunying said that the United States blatantly violated its commitment to the South China Sea’s sovereignty issue. On the one hand, it sent large-scale advanced military aircraft warships to the South China Sea to show off its prowess. On the other hand, it issued a so-called statement that destroyed the region. The nations work together to maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea. She said that on the South China Sea issue, China will continue to firmly safeguard its sovereignty, security and legitimate rights and interests, firmly maintain regional peace and stability, and firmly safeguard the friendly and cooperative relations between China and regional countries.

In the interview, Pompeo again talked about Hong Kong-related topics. When the reporter asked whether the United States would grant certain Hong Kong residents”refugee status”, he said that President Trump had not yet made a decision on it.”But I’m pretty sure that if there are any such people who want to seek asylum around the world, the United States will always welcome them.” And the embarrassment is that the severe situation of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic in the United States has made some asylum seekers afraid. .

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When talking about the epidemic, Pompeo again started to cliché about the theory of”laboratory leaking virus”, and he still could not produce evidence. Pompeo also talked about Chinese companies on the day, such as Huawei and TikTok, the short video application of ByteDance. When the host asked if TikTok and other Chinese apps would be banned this summer, Pompeo said they hope to make a series of decisions soon. Subsequently, he said,”We are very pleased to see that the United Kingdom announced that it will phase out Huawei technology from its telecommunications infrastructure.”

Obviously, the United States’ attempt to resist the Huawei conspiracy by other countries has made Pompeo quite excited. In recent days, he has sent”congratulations” to the UK many times. Trump himself also hinted on the 14th that he personally persuaded the British government to enable Huawei. Even many British politicians have frankly stated that they do not need Huawei and”have to look at the face of the United States.” However, some people still stand up to deny the joint efforts of Britain and the United States to block Huawei. On the 15th, the British Secretary of Health Matt Hancock claimed that the British decision to ban Huawei was”independently made”, denied that the move was facilitated by the United States, and said that someone was”robbing for power.”

For recent Pompeio chatter accusing China, our Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian has fought back on July 9:For some time, Pompeio’s cold war, zero-sum thinking and ideological prejudice. Facts cannot be fabricated, and lies are repeated even if they are repeated a thousand times. We advise this American politician to correct his mistakes and stop spreading political viruses, so as not to completely become the laughing stock of the international community.

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