Porto regain the league title from Benfica, the two teams monopolized the Portuguese Super League for 18 consecutive years

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Live broadcast on July 16th. In the 32nd round of the Portuguese Super League game that ended this morning, the leader Porto at home 2-0 Lectra Portugal Sports, with two points left in the league with 8 points ahead of the second place Benfica, thus winning the Portuguese Super Championship in the 2019/20 season two rounds in advance, which is also their first year from their old rival Benfica In his hand, he regained the Portuguese crown and won the league title for the 29th time in team history.

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In terms of the number of league wins, Porto, which won 29 times, still lags behind Benfica, which won 37 times. Benfica and Porto also continue to monopolize the Portuguese Super League. The two teams have taken home the league championship for eighteen consecutive years. The last time the team won another championship was the 2001/02 season’s Portuguese sports (formerly known as Sporting Lisbon).

Nearly 19 Portuguese Super League champions

2001–02 season:Portuguese sports

2002–03 season:Porto

2003– Season 04:Porto

2004–05 season:Benfica

2005–06 season:Porto

2006–07 season:Porto

2007–08 season:Porto

2008–09 season:Porto

2009–10 season:Benfica

2010–11 season:Porto

< p>2011–12 season:Porto

2012–13 season:Porto

2013–14 season:Benfica

2014–15 season:Benfica


2015–16 season:Benfica

2016–17 season:Benfica

2017–18 season:Porto

2018–19 season:Benfica< /p>

2019-20 season:Porto