Post:If Manchester United cannot advance to the Champions League, the team will lose £25 million in sponsorship fees the following year

By yqqlm yqqlm

According to the British media’s”Daily Mail”, if Manchester United cannot qualify for the Champions League this year, then Adidas will give Manchester United The sponsorship fee will be reduced by 25 million pounds.

Manchester United currently signs a high-priced sponsorship contract with Adidas. Adidas’ annual sponsorship fee for Manchester United reaches 75 million pounds, which is second only to Nike and Liverpool signed a £80 million/year sponsorship contract.

However, the”Post” pointed out that if Manchester United cannot obtain the top four this year and qualify for the Champions League, Adidas’ sponsorship fee for the team will be reduced by 1/3, which is 25 million pounds. It’s a big loss.

A few days ago, Manchester City restored the qualification for the Champions League by appeal, which means that Manchester United must enter the top four to ensure their Champions League seats. After being tied by Southampton, Manchester United are currently ranked fifth in the England Premier League, with only a goal difference from Leicester City in fourth place gap.