Post:Sanchez will return next month, Manchester United troubled by its 25 million euro annual salary

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Live broadcast July 15th According to the”Post” report, Sanchez’s lease period is about to expire and will return to Manchester United next month, but Manchester United is troubled by his annual salary of 25 million pounds.

Sanchez will return to Manchester United on August 7. His contract with Manchester United has two years left and his annual salary is up to 25 million pounds. Sanchez’s refusal to reduce pay will be an obstacle for him to find a home, and he also hopes to stay in Europe instead of going to China or the Middle East to play football.

The Post reported that unless Manchester United can find a solution, they will be troubled by Sanchez’s annual salary of 25 million pounds. Without Sanchez this season, Solskjaer has created a young and energetic team. Greenwood and Rashford played well on the wing, and if Manchester United can still sign Sancho, then Sancho will also be another candidate for Manchester United. At the same time, Sanchez has performed well in Italy after experiencing previous injuries.

The report also stated that Inter Milan coach Conte hopes to keep Sanchez, but Inter is unwilling to pay a transfer fee of 20 million pounds for a player who is about 32 years old and often has injuries. Sanchez looks likely to continue to be loaned out next season, but the”Post” has received information that the negotiations between Inter and Manchester United have not yet begun.

In January 2018, Manchester United signed Sanchez from Arsenal under a four-and-a-half-year contract. In addition to earning 20.4 million pounds in salary and portrait rights each year, Sanchez can also receive an additional 1.1 million pounds in signing fees and bonuses each year, which makes his salary up to 25 million pounds. Although Manchester United has paid a lot to sign him, Sanchez has only scored 5 goals in 45 games, and Rashford, Marshall and Greenwood have scored 58 goals this season.